Benefit Roller Lash Review!

Here it is, my first makeup review! 
If you are anything like me you are a lover of makeup and tend to be intrigued by such ‘Big Name’ products, such as this one, as to whether what all the adverts are saying is true. Some might argue that that i’m slightly late jumping on the band wagon for this mascara since it came out in late February (for the UK anyway), but I bought it about a month ago and let me just tell you, I am in luurrrvvveee.
First of all the Design:

I give this product a 9/10 when it comes to design, I love the whole retro style Benefit have and this mascara is no stranger to that. The peachy coloured top that twists out to be the mascara wand handle has a lovely 3D pattern to it which I love and I see to be unique to most other mascaras. 
I really like the simple design of Rollar Lash. The packaging the mascara comes in tells you all the facts and research benefit have done on the product, (e.g. 97% said it visibly lifts lashes), therefore the actual design of the product itself needs no more than just simple labelling of what it is which I like. 
As for the wand itself, when I first opened it up I was like ‘woah that’s kinda quirky’ you can literally see the ‘hooks’, benefit describes, that lift your lashes. I can’t fault the wand since that is what does the magic, it is a plastic applicator but of good quality is all I can say since a lot of my drugstore mascara wands have bent over time.
The only thing holding me back from rating the design 10/10 is that I prefer Two Faced’s ‘Better Than Sex’ ‘s packaging more. Like I said before, I am fond of simplicity and therefore, if you have seen Two Faced’s mascara, you will know how beautifully simple their design looks.
The Product itself:

As I said in the introduction, I am in luuurrrvvvee with this product. I have lived for 17 long years with horrible stickmen for eyelashes, they are so straight, I swear, sometimes I don’t look like I have lashes at all when I don’t have mascara on! I never thought I would find a mascara that would curl my lashes let alone hold them like that for a good 7+ hours! My lashes dont even curl using curlers let alone simply a mascara. I am blown away by this product, it is my holy grail when it comes to mascara. I much prefer it to Two Faced which gave my lashes volume but no curl. 
The colour is your standard jet black, it doesn’t flake off or catch on your under-eyes (unless you sleep in it of course), the product doesn’t feel either watery or thick but of just the right consistency. The more you add of the product the more curl you get which isn’t surprising until you see the results it can give!
The only thing I would say slightly negatively about this product is that it can be a chore to get off unless you have the right makeup remover, so far makeup-wipes have worked best for me but still not great (If you’ve tried this product let me know in the comments what you use to take it off with!). However I am so prepared to go the extra mile when taking this mascara off simply because its staying power and waterproof-ness is awesome.
Here were my results:
(even though they don’t do the mascara justice..)

At the end of the day, i’d give this mascara a 9.5/10. I adore it and will continue to use it for a long time I should imagine, although it is running out and is a wee bit pricey being a high-end product (which is why it isn’t 10/10) however if you are like me and have lame, straight, boring lashes then this product will work you wonders and is worth the extra money! 
Thanks so much for reading, let me know what you think of this mascara in the comments below!

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