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I have literally been itching to do a Style Icon post before I even had a blog! Before I started my blog I used to spend hours reading other peoples’ blogs and their ‘Style Icon’ posts were always up there in my favourites, I mean who doesn’t want to dress/look like a celebrity or supermodel?
So for my first icon who better to do a post on other than 2015’s leading fashion superstar, Taylor Swift. Over the years, Taylor’s style has altered massively. 
Here’s a comparison between Taylor’s 2008 and 2015 Red carpet style …
I think other people would agree with me that although Taylor’s fashion phases have been very different from each other, she is currently in her prime of looking like some kind of fashion Queen.
Anyway, I am going to try and piece together, if not recreate some of my favourite looks of hers over the past year.
I love this look of Taylor’s, it is so simple but elegant at the same time. I love the shirt from Topshop, I have seen it in stores and the material is so light and floaty, it can be dressed up or down. 
This look is stunning with the skirt as the main attraction (bar the incredible firetruck-red bag). I created this look using stores that have online websites however you can grab the same, similar look from Primark for less than half the price! Primark sell the scoop neck long sleeve tops in all different colours for £2.50 each and a similar tan suede A-Line skirt for £10. I know Primark now have an online store however they don’t seem to show all their items on there I have found.
I remember when Taylor first wore this look it was very popular with fashion magazines as the look is just flawless. If you wanted to make this look more like Taylor’s you could sow on the buttons. In her outfit she has styled her dungarees with a ribbed, white crop top. This ribbed top can be found at Topshop with the dungarees however I decided to team them with a plain cropped t-shirt from Boohoo.
So that is three Taylor Swift inspired looks! I hope you enjoyed this blog post, it took me a long time to sift through online websites to recreate her clothing looks but i’m satisfied with the matches I have found.
Let me know in the comments below if you liked this post!

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