Never Let Change Scare You

I thought I would just do a short and sweet post about something that I have recently been thinking about a lot, Change.

I believe the word ‘change’ is commonly misunderstood to be a ‘bad thing’, therefore making people scared when they hear it. I disagree with this idea of the word as there can be such great benefits to occur through change and hidden silver linings in some cases.

A common example would be people starting university. This is a huge change for anyone that goes through it. I have friends who started university last year, terrified of making new friends and being unsure of whether they will integrate properly; they have ended up having the best year of their lives! As a result of this, I am no where near as terrified of starting university in 2016 (she says hopefully) as I would of been had I not met these beautiful people.

For many other people Change can be anything such as, moving schools, moving house, starting a new relationship, ending an old relationship, trying brussels sprouts for the first time (I wouldn’t though), going to the gym, any kind of lifestyle change, starting a blog perhaps… 😉 You get the point. I have gone through many changes in my life, including all of the above, and as terrifying as some things seemed, I was excited at the same time, even if it was wayyyyyy deep down sometimes…

What I’m trying to say is that change is natural, nothing in life every stays the same. If you live your whole life afraid and avoiding change, staying confined in your comfort zone, then you will regret it. It is so important to let yourself try new things instead of spending your whole life wondering. Why wonder when you can find out? Humans are curious creatures after all.
Even small changes such as adding a splash of colour to your wardrobe, something I have been trying to do very recently after living life in monochrome, can be exciting.
Now, i’m not saying you should go on a rampage trying to be someone that you’re not, i’m merely suggesting that you should Embrace Change instead of fear it.

If you think about it, one change you make could lead you to the love of your life, or to some of the best friends you will ever have, to an opportunity of a lifetime, to a new and exciting lifestyle, etc. Look at Caitlin Jenner for example, she has made one of the biggest physical changes you can make and look at how much happier it has made her. Imagine how scared she must’ve been when she came out about who she really felt she was. If she can make a change like that, being such a high-profile celebrity that is constantly in the media and under scrutiny everywhere she goes, then you can make a change, big or small, in your life too.

I will always stand by the saying that ‘there is always a silver lining’ because there really is, even when things look bleak. Our brains naturally fear change because it involves ‘the unknown’, and that is totally normal and understandable. But if we live our lives in fear of change, something inevitable that is, then how can we move forward in life properly if we are continuously hold back from it?

I have read so many articles and blog posts on why we, as humans, fear change but I haven’t read a single one on why in most cases we really shouldn’t as much as we do.

I will admit that change can be bad. It can have a huge impact on someone and tear them apart. However, in the long-term, from personal and friend’s experiences, things get better and sometimes even better than what they were before the change happened. If there is one quote that has gotten me through my personal changes then it is this one:

‘If Change didn’t happen, there would be no Butterflies’

Thank you for reading this slightly deep and philosophical blog post, there is so much more that I could write but I don’t want to bore you with my ‘ramblings’! I am not here to state anything apart from my own opinion and ideas in order to potentially help others. If you have any questions or want to talk about any changes in your life then either leave a comment down below or email me at
Thanks again,

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