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Recently I have been purchasing more things than usual to add to my wardrobe, most of which I have been loving stupid amounts! I have also been buying more makeup and shoes than I normally would. I’m going back to college soon and over the summer my style has changed slightly so I suppose I’m accommodating that change with a little bit of retail therapy as an excuse…

White Fox Boutique:

White Fox Boutique is an Australian online clothing store that I have recently become obsessed with. Your first order comes with $10 Australian dollars off and their customer service is fabulous also! White Fox Boutique offers express international delivery which costs the equivalent of £9. My order arrived after 3 days, all the way from Australia to the UK which is the same, if not shorter, amount of time I would’ve been waiting for something to arrive that I’d ordered as standard delivery, let alone from the other side of the world!
I have been wanting to order something from there forever but just never got around to it when it came to payday. I kept my first order small and just got two things as I wasn’t sure what the sizing was going to be like and as you can see from the header picture I wanted to buy a few other things as well.

I got this grey T-shirt dress as I have been wanting one for ages and this one is just perfect. The material is so comfortable and quite thick so you can tell it is of good quality. This dress is perfect to me, as a lover of slouchy, basic but nice looking clothes I know I will be wearing this all the time.
I am quite small as I stand at 5’4 and usually wear a size 6 so ordered the dress in an XS, it is more or less the perfect length for me so the sizing for this product is pretty true to size I would say. It cost me just over £20 but is definitely worth every penny.

I will be pairing this with tights and boots or even just some comfy flats, I love items that are so simple but can be dressed up or down. However the next item I bought I think I may love even more…
I have wanted a jumper with a roll neck for so long but have never found one that suits my short neck. This roll neck is perfect as it is loose and baggy and doesn’t make me feel claustrophobic like others that i’ve tried. The sleeves are mid-length which I like as it saves me having to role them up like I do with all my other jumpers. It is just the most perfect slouchy, comfortable jumper with a gorgeous roll neck to apply some interest. I can tell this has already become my ‘go to jumper’ for when I want to make an effort but I want to be comfortable at the same time. It cost me around £23 (I think) which is totally worth it considering how I can’t seem to kind an ideal jumper here in the UK.

I have been, hands down, loving Hollister recently ever since they took off their logo from most of their clothes. I find their clothing is of good quality and just as affordable, if not more so, than their competitors such as Topshop and River Island. Hollister have even started doing student discount too which works great for me as i’m in there quite a lot.
I picked up this baggy white t-shirt the moment I saw it, it is irresistibly soft and even better it reads ‘Donut Give Up’ on the pocket, and anything to do with donuts is right up my street, food or clothing. This t-shirt only cost £11 with my discount and after the washing machine magically turned my previous white t-shirt yellow… this has become another new staple to my wardrobe.
River Island:
My mission for this months paycheque was to find some ankle high, flat chelsea boots. After a whole day trekking around every other shop in town but River Island, since I don’t tend to shop there very often, I finally took a quick look inside and found more or less exactly what I was looking for!
These boots cost £40 which is the standard price to pay for boots i’ve found. They are really snug and comfy and go with so many outfits of mine. I love these boots and I can’t wait to wear them in the autumn.

I have wanted to purchase a new pair of gym trainers for so long. I never did however because of how expensive they tend to be. I chose to purchase these Nike Juvenante as when I slipped them on they were unbelievably comfortable and so light to wear, honestly these are the comfiest trainers I’ve ever had, not to mention their stunning mint green colour! I am so happy with these and they’ve been motivating my to go to the gym just so I can wear them ever since.

I picked these up from my local ‘Office’ shoe store after I couldn’t find them online in my size and the colour I wanted anywhere!
Too Faced:

Like basically everything I have bought, I have been wanting to get this eyeshadow palette ever since I went to New York and resisted not buying it in favour for the Naked 2 palette.
I’m not going too say much about this product as I have a separate blog post coming up where I will be reviewing and rambling on endlessly about it. I only picked this up yesterday from Debenhams for £39  but so far I am loving it, perhaps the ‘semi-sweet’ version will be my next make-up purchase since I found it very hard to pick between the two! The last thing I will say about this product is that it smells INCREDIBLE, if you get the opportunity to smell it just do it no questions asked.
I have also bought some other small things like socks and underwear but I don’t feel its entirely necessary to share them on the internet digitally… Either way i’m really happy with all my purchases and if you are thinking of buying anything I have shown I thoroughly recommend you buy it and, if you haven’t already, check out White Fox Boutique as their stuff is seriously stunning.
thanks for reading!

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