Back to School Essentials!

If you are reading this blog then it is likely you are either going back to/starting school, college or university at some point in the coming weeks. I have put this post together of what I consider essentials to have, for me, at college.

Dry Shampoo:

I feel like dry shampoo is an item you forget to buy until you really need it… If you are like me and have to get up early because you live far away from where you go to school or wherever, you will understand that ‘morning showers’ don’t exist, and when you are up all night trying to complete your homework before it’s due the next day there isn’t always time to shower the night before. Dry shampoo has been my life saver for the past 2 years where I have been putting getting my homework done before my hygiene in order to get good grades – Boffin I know (not really). I remember I used to not want to go to school when my hair was greasy because I was so self-conscious and I thought everyone would notice and think I was some gremlin that doesn’t wash her hair. Truth is, being a blonde, my hair gets greasy very quickly but is also prone to breakage if I wash it too often. After trying many dry shampoos, I have come to the conclusion that Batiste probably works best, I have featured an image of the one I’m using at the moment in the header if you’re interested. I am yet to try Aussie’s Miracle Dry Shampoo, but I will definitely let you know what I think when I do!

Hair Brush (The Wet Brush to be specific):

If you choose to carry some dry shampoo around with you to top up those pesky, oily strands of hair, you are going to want a hair brush too. Even if you don’t carry any dry shampoo, I would still advise carrying a hair brush. I can not leave my house without my hair brush, as I said before, my hair is slightly problematic and gets knots in it all the time! If you go to school then you might have a rule, like I did, where you have to tie your hair up and aren’t allowed to wear it down. In this case, I think it’s always helpful to keep a hair brush on you incase you need to fix it up at some point. I also thought I would mention the brush I use, being ‘The Wet Brush’. This brush is incredible for wet or dry hair. When I first used it I was amazed, it made my hair feel so much softer from the first sweep of the brush, I literally can not go back to using any other brush now, I am obsessed. If you don’t have a wet brush or, more particularly, struggle with your hair feeling ‘straw-like’ and breaking often then I would thoroughly recommend you get one of these brushes.

Lip balm:

OK, I don’t know about you but for some reason when i’m concentrating on something I bite my lip, not in the cool, attractive way but in a weird, rabbit-nibbling kind of way… , this causes them to become very dry and flakey, that is where my Burt’s Bees lip balm comes to my rescue to make them look as healthy and plump as they did before I got bored and started nibbling at them. Dry lips aren’t comfortable to have and can become sore if you leave them without any moisture for too long – Unless you are lucky enough to live in a country where it’s always above 18 degrees, I’m sure you will understand the irritation dry and sore lips cause. I particularly like the Burt’s Bees lip balm as rather than it making you look like you have wet, slobbery, lips, it gives you a nice, healthy-looking sheen.

Hair Bands:

I’m pretty sure 80% of girls I see have a hair band around their wrist 24/7, even when they already have their hair tied up with one already. Not only are hair bands useful for yourself, for example if you get hot and bothered and want to cool down, if your hair is being a nightmare and you just want to get it out of your face, if you decide you want to go to your p.e class for once instead of forging a sickness note to get you out of it… (just for example you know, I never did that… Pfft) etc, but hair bands are also useful for making friends. There will come a time where the girl you’ve always wanted to be friends with, but have been too afraid to say anything to, will ask if anyone has a hair band for one reason or another (potentially one of the examples I listed above), and you will be there to give her your hair band and you will be friends forever. Ok, maybe not forever but from girl to girl it is an act of pure kindness to sacrifice a hair band for another, because we all know that once that hair band leaves your wrist, you ain’t ever going to see that sucker again.

Matte Face Powder:

A lot of schools and colleges don’t allow their students to wear makeup, however with the Rimmel Stay Matte face powder that I use, it is practically invisible, and it will simply keep those oily patches at bay. I would always get self-conscious at school, worried that people thought I was some sweaty mess when really my skin just gets particularly oily on my forehead at times. I know this is the second time i’ve said I was self-concious in school and if I am honest I still can be. But looking back on my time at school, I definitely worried way too much about what people thought of me, I want to assure you that if you’re at school or college or uni or in the work place, the only person’s opinions on yourself that are important are yours. If you start worrying too much about what other people think of you, then you will start to become, not who you are, but the person you want other people to see you as. If there is one thing you can do better than anyone else can then it is being you, therefore why try and be someone else?


I think the best thing about softmints is the fact that you can have them in school and college, as most places in the UK gum is ‘forbidden’ (although plenty of people still have it anyway of course, you rebels you). Softmints are a great way to keep your breath nice and fresh after that tuna sandwich you had for lunch without having to dispose of any gum. We have all accidentally come into contact with an old piece of gum stuck to the bottom of a table or chair, if you haven’t then you are lucky beyond belief, it is awful isn’t it? Now, why would you want to let another person have to go through that trauma because you had a piece of gum and then had no where to put it when you where done? – Solution: Softmints.


This is an important one. No one wants to smell sweaty and that is a fact. It is so embarrassing having someone tell you that you smell and you not having anything to do about it but push on through the day knowing that you smell bad. To avoid that, I always carry deodorant wherever I go. Dove Invisible Dry is especially good as it leaves no white marks, hence the name. I can’t really say much about this that isn’t already obvious. What I will say though is that the purpose of deodorant is for you to apply it before you get sweaty, not afterwards. It’s always a good idea to top it up if you feel a bit hot and flustered, however don’t forget to put it on before you go out too!


This one might be better for those who are slightly older and doing GCSE’s, A levels or studying at university. Music is a great companion when it comes to trying to work I find (depending on what you choose to listen to). I’m more or less a quiet person at college and since I am doing my A-levels I tend to spend most of my free time doing work and revising. If I have music to listen to I find it is a lot easier to forget about the people around me and just concentrate on what I am doing. I’m not saying you need to be super anti-social and do all your work on your own because at the end of the day it isn’t really much fun, it just helps to get the work done and makes it more bearable. Of course there are some people who can’t focus what-so-ever with music in their ears which is completely normal, I thought I’d just express on how it helps me. I am probably bias as well since I do a Music A-level and it is almost part of my role as a music student to make sure I have earphones and listen to music when I can.

I hope this post gave you a few ideas or reminded you on what sort of things are good to carry around! Let me know what your ‘Back To School Essentials’ are in the comments below!

As always Thank you for reading,

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