My Top 10 Beauty Tips & Hacks!

Ok so, incase you didn’t know, I am not a lazy person as such but if there’s an easier or quicker way of doing something then I will do it over the more challenging version. Most people would right? Thats’s why I have decided to share with you my tips, tricks and hacks that just make life that little bit more simple.

First off….

1. Flat, limp, non-volumous Hair?

Dry shampoo isn’t just great for getting rid of those oily hair follicles! It’s actually a great volume-booster for hair too! (or at least mine is…) Whenever my hair is feeling a bit drab and lifeless I just spray a bit of my batiste dry shampoo, massage it into my roots and ‘voila!’, instant volume is applied without having to backcomb it which causes more breakage to your hair.

2. Dang, My Eyebrow Pencil Ran Out!

This is a problem I am currently dealing with.. My Soap and Glory eyebrow pencil has run out, this fabulous product comes at a hefty £8 though which I don’t think I can spare until payday next week. My hack for this is eyeshadow! It might sound weird but honestly if you have a brownish eyeshadow that corresponds with your root hair colour then you are good to go! I personally like using ‘tease’ from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, or ‘milk chocolate’ from my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. Both shades would work great for someone who has blonde or brown hair, however any brown shade would do!

3. ‘I can’t wear eyeliner because I have hooded eyelids’ WRONG.

If you don’t have hooded eyelids then you can move on to no.5, lucky buggers… Ok, so I have battled with hooded eyelids and winged eyeliner for years but only recently have I figured out what works best. What I have found is if you start the wing just below your lower lash line and draw upwards, following it, it shouldn’t meet the crease and if it does it should remain quite straight. Once you have drawn your wings then you can connect them to your upper lid. Only draw the eyeliner about halfway into your eyelid and try keep it as thin as possible. Hooded eye-lids result in there being little lid space, therefore covering all (open-eyed) visible lid space will cause your eyes too look more closed rather than being made to look elongated and open by the wing.

4. Eyeshadow for Hooded Eyes

I love my shimmery, sparkly eyeshadows even though I shouldn’t… Hooded-eye-people should really try and stay away from shimmers and steer more towards matte shades of eyeshadow. Because of the reflection shimmery eyeshadows give, this makes your eyes look more closed whereas matte eyeshadows have greater ability to make them look more open. Fortunately for me I still have some visible lid space when my eyes are open so I manage to get away with a few shimmery eyeshadows here and there, however I do notice the difference in the way my eyes look when I use matte shadows, give it a try and see if you do too!

 5. ‘My eyeliner pot has dried out and now I can’t use it!’ Yes You Can.

I have used many eyeliners before, one of my favourites being the Mac Fluidline pot. However, it did dry out from time to time and I have read many reviews of people saying that theirs dried out too. However you can easily revive your eyeliner pot with simply a makeup wipe. Just whip one out of the packet and place your finger, with the makeup wipe over it, into the eyeliner pot and give it a whirl. Fair enough this does waste some of the product but if it’s already dried then you can’t use it anyway. This worked like a charm for me when I thought it was all over, I hope it works the same for you!
As a bonus tip, to keep your eyeliner pots from drying out make sure they and twisted and sealed as tight as possible after use then store them upside-down.

6. ‘My mascara has run out!’ No It Hasn’t.

If you start to feel like your mascara is getting a little bit dry and is running out then just pop a drop of some contact lens cleaner or eyedrops (saline solution) and it will be just like the first time you cracked the product open. Until it runs out for real that is…

7. Make any Lipstick a Matte Lipstick!

(Unless it already is matte of course…) Ever had a lipstick you love the colour of but feel it is too shiny? I certainly have! Just pop that lipstick on and then dust a translucent or natural coloured powder overtop and there you have it, your fave lipstick is now matte, doesn’t it look great???
IMPORTANT: Make sure you moisturise your lips with lip balm before you do this, otherwise the powder may show up any dry, flaky bits you have on your lips.

8. Another Eyeshadow Use That Isn’t On Your Eyes?

If you have a light, creamy, perhaps shimmery eyeshadow then you are in luck. These exact eyeshadows have another beneficial use… Highlighting! Yes, that’s right, I use it whenever I am going out in the evening or to some sort of fancy day event and it works wonderfully! It depends on your skin tone as to what colour eyeshadow you would want to use but for my fair colour skin I find shimmery shades such as ‘Bootycall’ from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and ‘Champagne Truffle’ from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette work perfectly.

9. Can’t Find The Hollows Of Your Cheeks?

I think we all want cheekbones. A lot of us, like myself, aren’t as chiseled others some might say and struggle finding the hollows of your cheeks to create the look. All you need is a pencil and your conturing product(s). Feel with your fingers as to where the hollows actually are then place your pencil against your face there. Then just go ahead and use your brush to apply the product along the pencil, take the pencil away, blend and there you have it, chiseled.

10. Can’t Get That Cool Smokey Eye Effect?

Applying eyeshadow isn’t easy to begin with for anyone. To help with this I have found that drawing a ‘hashtag’  (#) on the outer edge of your eyelid and then blending it makes sure that i am using the right amount of product in the right area. It also keeps the colour in that area without it blending to the middle of the eye, retaining that smokey eye effect. It is important that you use two different brushes when it comes to applying the product and then blending it, otherwise the colours will blend and become ‘muddy’.

So those are my top 10 tips, I hope they helped or at least gave a few ideas! Thanks for reading and be sure to follow me on social media to know when my next post is,

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