My Holy Grail Foundation For Dry Skin

Since I started wearing makeup I have been fighting a constant battle between my skin and my foundation. I have tried countless different foundations in search for finding one that doesn’t cake or gather around my areas of dry skin, making them look flakey and gross. I use a lot of skin care to try and keep it hydrated but this still isn’t enough where my foundation is concerned. So if you are anything like me and are struggling to find a foundation that doesn’t emphasise dry patches and actually makes your skin look hydrated then you need to keep reading!

Chanel Vitalumière is its name and it is, as said in the title, my holy grail. I have finally found a foundation for dry skin and honestly, I know it is expensive, but you need to give this a go if you haven’t found anything yet. The foundation makes even dry skin look dewy, healthy and glowing, I suppose that is part of its advertised ‘satin finish’.

If you have oily skin it will just slide off your face but if not then you will fall in love with this. Depending on how dry your skin is, its staying power will alter. For really dry skin, like mine, it will last all day, for normal to dry skin you may just need to top it up here and there every now and then. But either way it is a beautiful foundation that leaves a healthy, flawless looking finish. One drawback would be that they only feature this foundation in 10 shades which can be quite tricky, I got matched up in store to the shade ’10, limpide’ which was perfect when I was tanned in summer, however is now a little bit dark for me. I have had this foundation for 2 months so has definitely stood the test of time, there hasn’t been a day where I haven’t worn it. I apply this foundation with my Benefit flat foundation brush and the two work together perfectly in my opinion. When I asked to test out the foundation in the shop the lady said that the best brush to use is a flat foundation brush, others seem to have a tendency to waste the product by absorbing it (E.g. A sponge or fluffy brush). I have found this out for myself as well since I tried using my expert face brush by Real Techniques and it just didnt seem to work as well as my flat brush. 

The foundation gives a light-medium coverage which I think is essential for it to work as well as it does on dry skin! It is expensive, however I use it everyday and have hardly made a dent in it, I’ve read some reviews of people saying they’ve done the same and it lasting up to 8 months! It is definitely worth the money and I will 100% be buying it again when I run out.

I can’t fault this foundation simply because I have never found anything better than it.

I really hope this works for you aswell as it did for me. Let me know if you have tried this foundation and what you think of it. Or perhaps if you want to try it but are unsure and have a question feel free to pop one in the comments below! 
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