My Monthly Mac Lipstick: October

I have decided to do a feature on my blog that will occur every month, and what better feature than a Mac Lipstick one? That’s right, I’ve decided that each month I will be writing a post about the Mac lipstick I have bought to suite that month inparticular, shh! Don’t tell my purse!
I’m pretty obsessed with Mac at the moment, my bank account on the other hand doesn’t quite agree but I continue to overlook that for the things that make me happy i.e. makeup, food, clothes….
Anyway, without further ado, here is my October Mac Lipstick for you!

If you have read my ‘September favourites’ post then you will already know how much I love this lipstick; it’s awesome. It is from the matte range and is your most vampire-esc, deep, dark, sexy purplish-crimson lipstick ever. (I know, my describing skills are amazing) 
The reason why I think this lipstick is perfect for October is literally because when applied it can completely transform a look from being cute and pretty, to someone who looks like they take no sass and isn’t afraid to rock the bold look. Another reason as to why I chose this lipstick for October is because it totally goes with the whole Halloween theme, I keep describing it as looking ‘vampy’ because it honestly makes me feel that way! It’s not a bad thing at all for it to give that vampire look, all im trying to say is that the colour is so rich and dark reminds me of somthing seductive but sinister.
I have a tendency to use this lipstick when I’m trying to distract those that look upon my face, away from my flaws. For example if I have awful eye bags and look like I haven’t slept since birth (I usually do to be honest) then I will just pop Diva onto my lips because it’s so bold and such a statement that it distracts the eye. This lipstick goes great with dynamic eye looks, with smokey eyeshadow and winged-eyeliner, but it also looks fab with just mascara and a gold eyeshadow I’m finding too. 
When I bought this lipstick at the end of September I was also sold one of Mac’s lip liners in the shade ‘burgandy’, I’m so glad I bought it in the end! I first use it to line my lips which is so helpful for when applying the lipstick afterwards since it is so dark and can easily look messy if you lack definition. I then colour the whole area of my lips in to increase the staying power of the lipstick even though it is pretty good already! 
Whenever I have worn this lipstick I always get asked by people what exactly it is because it’s such a beautiful colour that stands out but not too much. It really is stunning and if you are looking for a lipstick to wear around Autumn/Winter time then believe me you have found it. The name for the product is perfect, wearing it will literally make you feel like a freakin’ ‘Diva’, aka the strong independent woman we all know you are.
Thanks for reading! What’s your autumn lipstick? Have you tried ‘Diva’? What’s your favourite Mac Lipstick? Leave your comments down below, I’d love to read what you have to say!
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