My Top 5 favourite You-tubers

I will admit, I am the exact kind of person that could lounge around and simply watch you-tube videos all day and not even feel guilty, I often do in fact. Recently I have developed a strong liking to some you-tubers and constantly find myself keeping up with all of their videos in particular.

Many people who start out as bloggers become you-tubers as they evolve. I often get asked whether I would ever do you-tube because I have a blog and my answer is ‘no’ at this time. I’m quite happy being on this side of the computer screen for the time being, perhaps in the future as my audience continues to grow I’d consider it. Anyway, enough about me! Here are my Top 5 favourite You-tubers to watch (in no particular order):

1. Danielle Mansutti 

This girl is simply stunning, I swear half the time I’m watching her youtube videos I’m just looking at her in awe of her beauty, not listening to what she’s saying. Not only is she incredibly talented at makeup, but she is also an ambassador against bullying and dealing with mental health issues after her personal experiences. I love the fact that she uses her platform on social media to help others, she has also recently started her own vlog channel on top of her beauty channel which I am absolutely loving.

You can check out Dani’s channel here.

2. Roxxsaurus 

I don’t think there is even a word that is cool enough to describe how cool Roxxsaurus is… Her grungy style inspires me as well as all her makeup looks. Her latest videos are halloween themed with Half-Faced Skeleton and Maleficent makeup; watching the way she re-creates these looks I find fascinating. Her videos aren’t all about makeup either, I really enjoy the versatility on her channel, she really can do anything, from tumblr inspired room decorations to full on gold and black smokey eye tutorials. Not to mention she is also absolutely stunning.

Check out her awesome Maleficent halloween makeup tutorial here!

3. RachhLoves

I love watching Rachel’s videos for so many reasons. One of the main reasons is the fact that she edits them so well, you can really tell how much she effort she puts into creating her videos to make them as good as they are. Not only does she have a talent in you-tube but also in technology and effects. She is one of the only you-tubers that make me laugh while watching her videos, she just has that genuine humour about herself. She is also a mother and is pregnant again with her second child yet she still has the time to put up new videos every week which I truly admire. Rachel also has a vlog channel for all the interesting updates in her life which I also enjoy keeping up with!

Give RachhLoves channel a visit here.

4. Freddy My Love

I remember subscribing to Freddy’s channel when she first stepped on the scene in January, it has been so interesting to watch her and her youtube channel grow so quickly over that time. I love how girly and pretty she is, she adds that femininity to my youtube subscriptions and I know whenever I feel like having a girls night to myself, I can always just go to her channel and embrace the ‘girlyness’. Her style is also unique I find, she shows her viewers exactly how to look classy but for an affordable price. Freddy is the first you-tuber I have followed since the beginning and I really look forward to seeing what she gets up to in the future.

Witness the gorgeous, sweet Freddy My Love on her channel here.

5. Meghan Rienks

I don’t know a single person who dislikes Meghans videos. Once again I love there versatility on her channel and how different she is. Her weirdness is what I love most about her, she makes me laugh and I find her so easy to relate to. I see her as being genuine on her youtube channel, she doesn’t seem to pretend to be someone she’s not, she is just open, honest and simply fabulous. You can see why she has such a huge audience of over 1 million subscribers, I feel it is because of how friendly and honest she comes across, she is not afraid to be her self and that inspires me.

If you haven’t watched Meghan’s videos before, check them out here!

So there you have it! My current top 5 favourite You-tubers! Obviously there is a small trend with the whole beauty guru thing however these people are the kinds that post the videos that I like to watch most. I subscribe to 100 different channels of all kinds of things, perhaps I just like watching people who share as much interest in beauty and lifestyle as I do more 🙂

Please check out these channels as they really are fabulous.

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