The Perfect,Cozy Autumn Night In

I personally love nights in during Autumn where you can feel all relaxed and cozy while the weather is cold and dreary outside (if you live in the UK that is). Here are the things that make my nights in perfect for me:

Giant Fluffy Blanket

I don’t know about you but I am obsessed with blankets, I pretty much collect them. I physically can’t sit down and watch TV during  the colder months of the year unless I have a blanket around me, otherwise I simply feel exposed. I know some people might think that is weird but I think it’s more of a habit than an obsession. You can’t be cozy without a blanket in my opinion and I would definitely say that spending a bit of extra money to get a proper nice, woolly, fluffy blanket that could keep you warm forever is 100% worth it.

Hot Chocolate In Your Favorite Mug

Hot Chocolate to me is my Autumn/Winter drink. People go on about pumpkin spice latte’s and all these fancy sounding cappuccinos but i’m just not into that I suppose. I’d much rather settle for a simple, creamy hot chocolate to warm me up. It is also important to have it in your favorite mug too because, I mean, why not? You deserve to keep totally pampered.

Lush Bath Bomb Bath

Now this doesn’t specifically have to be a ‘Lush’ Bath bomb bath, however this is just what I would advise and do myself. I never really get time to set myself a nice hot bath so when I do it is even more refreshing and pampering. I recommend using the ‘butterball’ bath bomb if you really want to relax. The bomb leaves your skin with a coating as smooth as butter (or a ‘buttery film’ as Lush like to describe). ‘Ylang ylang’ is also used in the aromatherapy of the bath bomb as well to treat stress and depression, as well as relaxing your central nervous system and relieving anger, panic and fear. This bath bomb is also great for dry, sensitive and irritated skin.

Scented Candle

I think most people will agree with me here in saying that scented candles aren’t something you really feel you need until you smell one. I never really realised how much different scents can make you feel different emotions

Your favorite Onesie or Baggy Clothing

You can’t fully relax in skinny jeans and that’s a fact. Put on your slouchiest clothes or even your onesie. After all, you are having a night in, you’re in the privacy of your own home, use it to your advantage. Perhaps it’s just me, but if I could wear slouchy clothes everywhere I went I probably would, comfort is essential to true relaxation.

Cookies and Ice-cream

Comfort food like cookies and ice-cream aren’t just for when you get your heart broken or something bad happens, they are great for when you just want to relax and pamper yourself too. Treat yourself, you deserve it.  Obviously you don’t have to have these things just, as sad as it is, food is a fabulous companion when you just want to let your hair down and de-stress.

Of course all of these things are optional and can be tailored to your own liking, these are just the things I like to do/have when I have a night in and decide to give myself a break from what feels like endless amounts of work. One of my favourite things about Autumn is snuggling down with either yourself or company when it’s cold outside and you can feel nice and toasty. I think too many people work themselves too hard or are just busy all the time, it’s really important that you give yourself a break every once in a while to let yourself wind down.

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