My October Favourites!

Hello there! It’s November 1st, can you believe it?! I don’t know about you, but i’m unsure on whether I feel slightly cheated in the way that 2015 seems to be whizzing by or totally buzzing by the fact that it is almost Christmas… I’m going to go for the more positive approach and feel excited for Christmas instead of dwelling on how fast my life is going at the moment and you should too!

So over the past month I have acquired some new products that I have been loving as well as some old products I originally didn’t like to start off with but after trying them again, a long time after purchasing, I now adore. Here they are in all their glory:

1. BarryM Matte Me Up Lip Crayon – Dress Rehearsal

I actually picked this product up as it was part of a BarryM 3 for 2 offer, no in-depth research like I do with all my other beauty product buys, just a spontaneous purchase because I liked the colour and it was something slightly different being a crayon rather than a lipstick. When it come to trying the product for myself I knew I had made a good decision. Unlike most lip crayons I have tried, this one doesn’t dry out my lips as it’s so creamy yet matte! It’s not the most matte formula you will ever find but I think that is a small price to pay for it being creamy and non-drying. The colour lasts almost as long as my Mac Matte lipsticks and is very versatile. I love this colour simply because it’s perfect for a day-look that makes your lips look pretty yet not too dramatic. It’s easy to whip on before you dash out the door, I don’t know how many people will agree with me but I find crayons like these easier to apply than lipsticks. I’ve been using this lip crayon so much this month for simple day looks, it’s not your typical autumn berry colour but it still is very pretty and goes with every makeup look!

2. Nars Pressed Powder – Flesh

I bought this product in February when I went to New York, so quite a while ago. I didn’t even use this product for a month before I gave up on it. I hit the pan so quickly and it isn’t cheap so I was originally very disappointed. I was using a brush to apply it and was using way too much in effort to try get a better coverage from it before finally realising it has light coverage and there isn’t much you can do about it. So that was that, the powder was stashed away in a draw never to see the light of day again until October… I bought my foundation in Summer when I was tanned and now that it’s colder and I don’t have my tan anymore (cry) it is a little bit too dark for me. I have got loads left of the product and I’m too stubborn to purchase a new one in a shade that matches my skin perfectly since it costs almost £40. One day when I was sitting doing my makeup I remembered that although the Nars pressed powder doesn’t give a full coverage it is a pale shade, I decided to use it on top of my foundation to lighten the colour as well as set it and ever since then i’ve been using it every day! I totally forgot how good it is at controlling areas prone to shine and now apply it with a powder pad which seems to use the product more efficiently than when I was using a brush. I am finally grateful for purchasing this product so long ago and don’t regret the decision what so ever.

3. Bourjois Happy Light Concealer

This product has been the most on and off relationship I have ever had. I first picked it up a couple of years ago to help conceal my under-eyes which are naturally blue toned. Everytime I start using it again I can’t remember why I stopped and since I’ve started using it again this month I honestly can’t pin point what stopped me using it before! Like the Nars pressed powder, this product was stashed away, I usually use my Mac select-cover up concealer however it has been close to running out and I mainly use it for my nose to cover the red tone of it since nothing else works. Since I literally cannot use any other concealer on my nose than my Mac one I decided to pull out a different concealer for using on my under-eyes to spare my Mac one until payday where I could get another. That’s when I picked up this concealer, out from the stash of makeup I keep but never ever use, almost all the writing on it has rubbed off, as you can see in the picture, so you can guess how long I’ve had it for. If you have every tried ‘Boi-ing!’ by Benefit then this is better and less than half the price, it is awesome. It gives a full coverage and doesn’t budge the whole day as long as you set it with a powder. You only need a tiny amount as a little goes a long way, it is a ‘paste’ kind of concealer, as I like to describe it, but don’t let that put you off, it really brightens up my eyes and doesn’t go cakey at all, love it!

4. Sunset Day Light Curing Nail Polish- ‘Plum On Baby Light My Fire’ & Topcoat

I talked about this nail formula in my last favourites but in a different colour. ‘Plum On Baby Light My Fire’ has almost as long a name as a lifetime on your nails. The formula of this nail polish, like all the others, has a staying power like no other nail polish I have ever tried. The colour though is what I really love, it is such a deep, dark purple that is simply gorgeous. This is my favourite colour of the entire collection for Autumn, it can flatter anyones’ nails. Since I mostly wear monochrome, it adds a splash of colour to most of my looks. I recommend every one of these nail polishes as they all give a beautiful gel-like finish that makes your nails look like a professional did them, and i’m not exaggerating. Make sure you use this topcoat though as otherwise you won’t get the right result.

5. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Now I wrote about this product last Sunday in great detail (see the post I mean here) so I won’t go into waffle on much more. I haven’t had this product long but I had to put it in my favourites as it is that amazing. I have used it every single day since I bought it and see myself continuing to do so. This product has totally changed my life, my foundation now lasts for the whole day and doesn’t seep into my pores and lines making them stand out. I am so happy I picked this product up, I am obsessed with it.

So there are my favourites this month! Have you been trying anything new recently that you have been loving? if so let me know in the comments!

Thanks for Reading and I hope you all had a great Halloween!

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