My Monthly MAC lipstick: November

Continuing my feature of a MAC lipstick for every month, this month I have picked up ‘Kinda Sexy’, my October lipstick was ‘Diva’ you can read about this here. If you read last month’s post or are familiar with mac lipsticks then you will know that ‘Diva’ is a very dark berry shade, I did have the temptation to pick up another dark shade but I thought I would choose something a bit different that I still thought suited November well.

So here it is! ‘Kinda Sexy’!

I have been wearing this shade none stop since I got it. I love it. It is very similar to ‘velvet teddy’ with it being a nude, matte lipstick however it has a pink tone to it as well which makes it very pretty. I can’t think of a person this colour wouldn’t suit, it is very versitile and perfect for any occasion I have found. I have spoken about the formula of the MAC matte lipsticks before I feel but I simply love it. All of the matte Mac lipsticks I have are second to none where formula is concerned, and I have tried a lot of matte lipsticks from other brands. The staying power is amazing even without a lipliner underneath, they don’t dry out my lips at all which always happens when I use other brand’s lipsticks.

I have heard about people having bad experiences with the matte lipstick collection from Mac, but if you have then I would urge you to give them another go! I now own 3 matte lipsticks from Mac and I have never had a problem with any of them what so ever. All I would say is that make sure you moisturise your lips before application, otherwise the friction between your lips and the lipstick could cause the stick to break.

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, as there isn’t much to say other than that I love this lipstick and think is perfect for autumn, it looks a lot even prettier on the lips, here’s what it looks like on me:

I do apologise for my lips not being as healthy as they could be, clearly not doing the lipstick justice, Winter isn’t doing my skin or lips any favours right now unfortunately…
Anyway, thanks for reading! If you are looking for a lipstick to suit this early Winter month then go pick this one up (srsly)! 
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