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So today I sent off my UCAS application. If you don”t know what that is then it is basically all your personal details, grades achieved, subject choices, university options and teacher references in one place that gets sent to the universities you are applying to in hope that you receive offers from them. I personally am planning on going to university next year but I have been thinking about other potential options too.

It’s surprising to think that about 15-20 years ago there was no pressure for people to attend university    and now there is some sort of idea that people seem to have where if you want to be successful you ‘have‘ to go to university. I have dealt with this pressure myself however only recently have I realised that the people who think that are wrong. University is not for everyone, we all have different strengths, some of which can’t even be labelled by a degree and therefore have to be proved through showing it instead of achieving it.

Although I am going to university myself (assuming that I get in of course…) I am neither for or against university in comparison to things like apprenticeships where success is concerned. A lot of the time apprenticeships can be a lot better suited to what someone wants to do and where they want to go in life. I have friends who now earn a healthy salary within an apprenticeship and don’t even have to deal with the huge debt university leaves you with. If you are apprehensive about university and don’t feel like it is for you then don’t feel like it is the end of the world and as if you can’t be just as successful because that is a lie. Doing a degree just for the sake of it, submitting yourself to the pressure, isn’t worth the debt when you could be doing something you feel much more passionate about and earning money for it already.

I have always said that I would rather do something that gives me more joy than money in comparison to something that does the opposite, it’s all about what you class as success. To me success is doing something that you are passionate about and enjoy, while at the same time provides you with enough money to live a sustainable life. Other people have different ideas about success, I know a lot of people who would rather get paid a fortune and not feel any emotional attachment towards their job.

What I’m trying to say is that I have heard so many people panic about whether uni is for them and if they don’t go to university then they will fail at life and so on. But that’s not true, yes if you work hard at university and achieve a degree, tailored to what you want to do as a career, then you can be very successful but there are always people who are talented in areas that can’t be graded. you should never see yourself or anyone else for that matter as less or more of a person because they have chosen to go to university or not.

On a personal note I have decided to go to university over an apprenticeship because I simply found a course that I absolutely love the look of and feel well suited towards it. I could of done an apprenticeship and I did look into it quite a lot but I ended up realising that my skills would be better utilised in earning myself a degree in a career I want to pursue in the future.

I know a lot of people have different ideas on this and might disagree with me, but frankly I wanted to do a chatty blog post on something I have been thinking about a lot recently. Let me know in the comments about what you think!

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p.s. I’m sorry for not posting for a while that’s why I am posting now, I have been under a mountain of things to do recently with regards to work and a million other things so I haven’t had a break to write! My posting routine should be back to normal now with a post every Sunday as well as another during the week.


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