Zoeva Brushes Review: Rose Golden Luxury Set

So I have had these brushes for a couple of weeks now. Prior to purchasing them I had one Real Techniques expert face brush and a super old Benefit foundation brush, so it was about time I splurged on some good quality brushes. I found out about Zoeva brushes through the wonderfulness that is Youtube and watching youtubers simply rave on about how soft, good quality and affordable they are – and they were absolutely right!

I am in love with every single one of these brushes but here are the ones I have found myself reaching for most:

I use the silk finish brush for my foundation, it makes the application so quick and easy and does exactly what it says it does, leaves your skin looking smooth, with an even application. This brush is perfect for buffing in and blending your foundation in a way that doesn’t take forever and is highly efficient. On top of this brush simply being amazing it is also incredibly soft and doesn’t soak up the product like I know so many brushes do.

I also love the luxe sheer cheek brush, I use this for both blusher and bronzer, the fact that it is angled as well even makes it suitable for conturing. I love the way this brush can blend anything so nicely and give the exact finish you want, like all the others it is irresistibly soft!

Zoeva is famous for it’s eye brushes and how amazing the are at blending and applying eyeshadows. Ever since I purchased the luxe soft definer and the luxe petit crease brushes my eyeshadows have never been more easy to blend. I use the soft definer to apply transition colours and blend my crease as well, I then use the petit crease brush to apply the eyeshadow to the outer and inner corners of my eye, bringing them up to the crease and blending. I can’t emphasise how grateful I am to have these brushes, they really are amazing!

Ever since I purchased these brushes I have used them every single day, non stop. They make applying my makeup so much easier and even more enjoyable, the results they give are incomparable to the results my old brushes gave me. I chose the ‘Rose Golden Luxury Set’ because I loved the look of them and wanted every single one of the brushes, plus they are so pretty! They cost €65 which equates to about £45 at the current rate. Considering the set includes 8 brushes, that’s just under £6 a brush which is amazing considering the quality of them! Zoeva also charge £6 for international delivery as they ship from Germany which isn’t at all bad. I am really looking forward to trying out more Zoeva products,  I have had my eye on the rose gold eyeshadow palette for a good couple months now, as well as some of their lipsticks!

Let me know if you’re interested in trying out these brushes, I personally think you should!
Click Here for the link to the Zoeva Website and the set I bought.

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