My Monthly MAC Lipstick: December

Hello! It’s been a week since I last posted on my blog. Not only have I been super busy but I have misplaced the memory card to my camera, which I need in order to make all the headers for my posts as well as additional pictures. Hopefully I will find it soon but for now I have had to use the camera on my phone so please excuse the not so good quality photos for the time being…


Russian Red is my chosen lipstick for December! Not much of a surprise with it being a red lipstick since it is the month of all things Christmassy… If you know Mac then you will know that they have a selection of different red lipsticks. I seem to be growing more drawn towards the matte collection that Mac has, therefore my choice was between Ruby Woo and Russian Red. I chose Russian Red as after reading many reviews I found out that Ruby Woo has a tendency to be more drying even though they are both Matte. Russian Red is also more cool toned and less bright, therefore is more suited to my skin tone.

Surprisingly I don’t actually own a red lipstick, I have struggled to find one that I can wear casually, that doesn’t look too bright but is still bold. Russian Red is different though, yes it is very much your classic, bold, red lip but there is something about it that makes it wearable casually, although I will always believe that red lips are the perfect go-to for a winter night out.
The texture of this lipstick, as well as most other matte mac lipsticks never fails to amaze me. It isn’t drying in the slightest and is creamy but still has incredible staying power. Personally I can’t think of a better lipstick, colour or formula, that could resemble December better in my eyes.

So there is my monthly mac lipstick for December! Have you got any ideas of what lipstick I should have as my January lipstick? let my know in the comments below!

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