Mini New York Beauty Haul Review

So a few weeks ago my brother and his girlfriend went to New York. If you have read previous blog posts of mine then you will know that I actually went to New York myself in February with my friend, Hannah. Since then, I have been aching to go again and get some more beauty products I can’t obtain here in the UK, that I couldn’t get my hands on before. So when I heard George and Melissa were going, I immediately started writing my New York Shopping List (which you can read here).
I could’t afford everything on my wish list but I’m still so thankful for them making the effort to get the products I have wanted for so long.

1. Tarte – Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara

I had heard great things about this mascara via Youtubers and loved the fact that it nourishes the lashes. The mascara is infused with olive esters to condition, treat and protect the lashes, while making them look dramatic, lengthened, curled and with added volume. I do love this mascara, I have super stubborn, straight lashes which have no curl to them what so ever so this mascara does well to defy that and give them some lift. I really like the formula to this mascara, it is jet black and genuinely feels nice on the lashes. One good and bad thing about this mascara is that, although it isn’t waterproof, it does not budge. I really have to scrub my lashes to get it all off but at least it doesn’t flake off during the day or imprint on my eye lid.

2. Tarte – Tarteist Clay Paint Liner

I really had high hopes for this liner after seeing it all over Youtube, and perhaps my expectations would have been met had I not received a faulty one. When I went to use the product for the first time all that came out was air, and then the tube became flat with very little product in it. The brush that arrived with it also had individual hairs which were bent backwards therefore making it impossible to use and get a single, thin straight line. I did email Tarte about this, they assured me that I had received a faulty product but that they could do nothing about it due to me living in England when they are based in the US. I emailed them back, offering to pay extra for shipping to England, but since then they have ignored my emails. I can’t speak for the performance of this product but I can speak for Tarte’s poor customer service which has not only left me disappointed but also out of pocket of about £19.

3. Becca X Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfecter – Champagne Pop

This is my favourite purchase out of all of them. After using cream-stick highlighters, such as ‘Watts-Up!’ by Benefit, I was so excited to pick up a powder highlight. I always do a lot of research into pretty much every beauty product I buy and this one had some absolutely glowing reviews. I adore this highlight, it is so beautiful and goes perfectly with my ‘Hoola’ and ‘Dallas’ bronzers by Benefit. Every time I walk out the door I pretty much always wear this highlight now. You can wear it day or night, it just gives a really pretty, healthy looking glow to your skin, making areas like your cheekbones stand out. I was really worried it was going to be too coppery for my fair skin tone but it really isn’t. I hope this product doesn’t run out before I go to the US again because I am totally obsessed with it.

4. Mac Matte Lipstick – Russian Red

Of course I can already get Mac products here in the UK, but while they were in New York, Melissa informed me that I actually had some money left over after getting the other things I had asked for. I was going to purchase Russian Red anyway for my Monthly Mac Lipstick: December post so I thought I may as well get it a bit cheaper from the US. I love Mac lipsticks and this one is no stranger to that opinion of mine. If you want to read more about this lipstick then you can read my review on it here.

So there you have it! I’m sorry I couldn’t give a positive review about the Tarte liner, I wish I could as I hate having any negativity on my blog but at the end of the day I am always going to be honest about a product and my feelings towards it/the brand. Let me know if you have tried any of the products!

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