My Favourite Memories of 2015

I think most of us can agree that 2015 has flown by. For me, it most definitely has. This year has certainly had its ups and its downs, but I feel as though i’m ending it feeling happier than I have felt this entire year. I’m not going to dwell on the things that brought 2015 down for me simply because I don’t like bringing bad memories back to life. However I love to relish in good memories so here are my absolute favourite memories of 2015 in order by date.

New York City

Words can not describe how much I miss this place. It was amazing for just my friend, Hannah, and I to go away together on our own. I love New York, I loved how vibrant and lively it was, it’s true when they say ‘New York Never Sleeps’. We went during February half term when it was -10 degrees during the day, but that is a small price to pay when you get to witness Central Park in the snow. I want to go back at some point in 2016 as I really miss it that much! If you are contemplating on going to New York then just do it, I promise that you won’t be left disappointed if you’ve never been before.

Skiing in Borneo – Santa Caterina

Regardless if some of the memories I have of this place have now turned bittersweet, I can’t deny that in the moment this holiday was incredible. I have been fortunate to of been skiing multiple times, I love it as a sport and like to think i’m half decent at it. The scenery was beautiful and because we were in Italy the food was second to none. There was no way I wasn’t going to put this skiing adventure into my favourite 2015 memories as it really was perfect at the time.

I Passed My Driving Test and Got My First Car!

I know to a lot of people this is a pretty average memory of theirs but for me it is a big thing that happened to me. I passed both the theory and practical parts of the test first time within 3 months of my birthday. I was fortunate enough to receive a VW polo and have been driving it around every day ever since. Passing my test was a huge thing for me as it meant I would be able to go and visit my friends who are older than me and go to uni in places like Cardiff and Sussex. The freedom I now have still makes me so happy, the cost of petrol on the other hand does not..

I Started My Blog

I know December hasn’t had as many blog posts as I would’ve liked it to of had, however I have been incredibly busy. Regardless of how many posts have been written, blogging has changed my life, and it is only just the beginning! I started my blog just before a turn of events happened in 2015 that really shook me, it gave me something to do to distract myself from being sad and upset. I have always wanted to have a blog though and since I started writing, blogging has always been there for me as my little outlet to go to when I just want to think of something else and create something people want to read. Creating this blog has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has opened up so many doors for me that I didn’t know even existed before, not to mention I love doing it more than I ever thought I would. It has given me something to be proud of, so when people compliment it I instantly become happy as it is so nice to have something you work so so hard on be appreciated. These posts don’t just take minutes to write, they take hours. I’m a perfectionist so each word has to be perfect, I often end up writing things then completely re-writing them again. Never the less, it is worth it in the end with the amount of joy it gives me. 
I Met New People and Made New Friends

I’m not going to mention names here but since the end of Summer I have met a lot of new people who  are absolutely fabulous and I am so fortunate to call them my friends. I am so so lucky to have the friends I already have, however the new people I’ve met make me incredibly happy as well. I’m slightly introverted, which explains why I’m sat here in bed, looking at a computer screen, writing to you, but that just makes the friendships I have even more special. Some of the people I’m talking about probably have no idea that this includes them as well but if you’re thinking it might be you, then it probably is 😉
Thank you so so much to anyone who has supported my blog this year or who just has simply read this post. I hope you all had the most amazing Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year!
See you in the new year!

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