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After seeing so many youtubers rave about this product I decided to head to my nearest Mac store and make the purchase. I love trying new and slightly different things, this was definitely one of them. Mac’s description of this product reads:

A lightweight, mineral rich finishing mist that
 refreshes the skin and finishes makeup. Helps to 
create an even surface for a smooth makeup application’

When I went to the Mac store I asked one of the makeup artists what it actually does and she said that it basically ‘brings your makeup together and makes it look flawless, however a lot of people get confused with it being a primer because of the name. You still have to use a primer with this product.’ Which left me wondering does this actually do anything? Despite the small shed of doubt I had, I decided to part with the £17 and purchase this and since then I’ve been loving it.

When you first use it, it is pretty weird. I first used the Fix+ spray after I had applied all my makeup. I was amazed at how wet it felt on my face yet none of my makeup came off or ran. Instead it just blended my makeup for a more flawless look. I now use this spray before and after I apply my makeup as it makes things like bronzer and foundation go on so much more smooth. I can’t really fault this product, I mean I wouldn’t go as far to say I couldn’t live without it and therefore some people may not want to spend almost £20 on it, however I love it regardless.

This spray isn’t just good for prepping and priming the skin, it also works great on eyeshadows and enhancing them. The best way to explain what I mean would be by showing you this image I took:

As you can see the Fix+ spray works great as a bonding agent even on pressed eyeshadows. Both the eyeshadows shown in the picture are from Kiko, however I have tried it on other eyeshadows and it works just the same. If you have any loose pigment eyeshadows, the Fix+ spray works great for applying them to your eyelids as well. So if you’re an eyeshadow lover like me, this spray is definitely worth the purchase I would say, just look at how much of a difference it makes!
This product is now part of my daily makeup routine, I spray it about 12 inches from my face a couple times, making sure to cover the whole area. Then I fan my face to quicken the drying time. Applying it is made super easy with the product design, you can also lock the nozzle to prevent any leakage when traveling.
So there you have it, my review on the Mac Fix+ spray. Personally I believe it lives up to the hype, however I can see why some people may disagree if the product doesn’t benefit you in as many ways.
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