Skills I Wish I Had…

The thing about being human is that we all posses different skills. I wouldn’t say I am particularly skilled however I do wish I had a lot of skills (hence the title of this post..). Like everyone I have certain things I am good and bad at, but to be honest I thought it would be a lot more interesting and relatable for you to read a post of things I literally can not do rather than me boasting about what I consider myself ‘OK’ at. So without further ado here’s a little list for you of skills I wish I had:

I can’t save money whatsoever…

I am renowned for this by all my friends and family. For some reason I have never been able to save money, I like to argue that I did when I went to New York last year but the truth is I paid it off monthly and then just did loads of overtime to ensure I got a bigger paycheque the payday before we left… I truly am awful and I wish I wasn’t! I wouldn’t say I am a shopaholic, I simply just don’t think when I spend my money until I have none left. I act so casual about it when deep down I know I have something like 34p in my account. In my defence though I only work 10 hours a week on a very average hourly wage, so I don’t actually earn a lot when you consider that sometimes I have to spread that pay over the course of 5 weeks before anything more comes into my account. I do plan on getting better however, I want to go interailling in Summer and that journey isn’t going to pay for itself!

I’m not particularly skilled at any sport.

I know this probably goes for a lot of people but I’m pretty average if not awful at most sports. I loved sport at school, apart from the annual cross country competition where everyone in the year would run in the cold, the wet and the mud for what felt like forever. I always managed to come last until eventually I didn’t want to deal with the embarrassment anymore and just forged a note from my mum to say i’d fallen down the stairs and injured myself or something stupid like that. It’s not that I hate sport though, I love going on runs in spring and summer with my dog where I can just listen to my music and get on with my own thing, I also try and go to the gym at least 2 times a week. Despite the fact that I’m a lot more athletic now, I still have problems with almost every sport. Tennis hurts my weak wrists, football I play with two left feet, rugby I’m far too small and fragile for, swimming makes me feel incredibly claustrophobic, hockey also hurts my wrists etc you get the idea. I’m ok at some sports, I like to think I’m good at skiing, was on the netball A team from year 7- year 10 and I know how to horse ride but other than that I really don’t have a specific sport I am really really good and competitive at and I wish I did. I know a lot of people don’t have a special sport, I think I have just always wanted to be sporty because I grew up with someone that was amazing at every sport which I was super jealous of and thought was really cool…

I can’t cope under exam pressure.

This I feel is quite common among other students but it is a skill I lack and that gets in the way of my life so much. I get particularly anxious around exam time, not just in the exam itself. My anxiety goes through the roof and I struggle to concentrate under the amount of pressure that I put on my self. I personally don’t agree with exams which probably doesn’t help either but I just find it so hard to process how 1 hour and 30 minutes can define how ‘intelligent’ you are or how well you know something. It really does ruffle up my feathers (yes I did just say that).

Successful eyeliner takes me about an hour.

I know what some of you might be thinking.. I wear eyeliner in most of my Instagram photos and quite often when I’m out, but that doesn’t mean to say I am good at it! Honestly if I want to wear eyeliner on a certain day I will leave myself an extra hour to go ready because it ALWAYS goes wrong. I have hooded and uneven eyelids which makes eyeliner incredibly hard to be even on both eyes which is why recently i’ve started to give up with it. It’s not a matter of practice makes perfect with me because I used to wear it almost every day and it would still take the same amount of time, just my hands are always really shaky and i’m a perfectionist so if they aren’t ‘on fleek’ so to speak I will just start over. This is definitely one of my most wanted skills as eyeliner has always given me much more self confidence, I just don’t have the time to do it anymore.


If any of my family are reading this then they are probably scoffing to themselves going ‘yeah right!’ as I am often doing things on my phone, like most teenagers these days. However, it is true. I am pretty bad at texting when it comes to maintaining conversation, I don’t know why I just am. A lot of people get confused with me being upset when I am simply replying perhaps a little too bluntly because I’m not sure what to say.

Being Organised

This is the point that actually inspired me to write this post. At the moment I am struggling so much to juggle my college work, part-time job, gym, social life effectively right now. I never really feel like I’m doing the right thing as when I’m doing work I feel so stressed out and need a break and then when i’m with friends I feel as if I should be doing work etc. I’m constantly at war with myself over what is the right thing for me to do. Organisation has never been a skill of mine no matter how hard I try and make it one. As a person I am quite spontaneous but when it comes to settling down to do work or revision that trait isn’t helpful whatsoever. I’m quite a ‘last minute’ kind of person which you could argue makes me very efficient, but I do always wonder how much better I could perform in all aspects of my life if I was organised.

I hope you enjoyed reading what skills I wish I had. Let me know in the comments what skills you wish you had, or maybe if you have any of the skills i’ve listed above you could share some ideas of how I can improve myself?

thanks for reading!

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