My Monthly Mac Lipstick: February

Hello and welcome to the February edition of my Mac lipstick for every month of the year series. This months a good one and I am pretty excited to share it with you. Last month it was ‘Modesty’ that appealed to me as the perfect January lipstick, I actually went to say that it was my favourite Mac lipstick of all my collection however I now stand corrected…

This months chosen lipstick is ‘Mehr’ and it wins, hands down, for my most favourite Mac lipstick that  I own. It is beautiful and simply perfect forever occasion. Funny fact I didn’t even choose this lipstick myself, someone awesome did though (thanks to that personnn đŸ˜€ )

After switching it up last month with a ‘cremesheen’ formula, it is back to the mattes! I don’t know why but I am just hopelessly in love with Macs matte formula, I just love how smooth and creamy it feels on the lips while at the same time having no shine to it. It looks a lot more pinky in the picture than it really is, it is more of a min-tone to darkish nude-pink that can be worn on a night out or casually. I also find it above all my over lipsticks, it makes the lips look really flattering in a ‘draws attention but not super bold and dramatic look’ kind of way… if that at all makes sense.
The image I took of it really does not do it justice! It is an amazing colour and I seriously recommend to anyone looking for a lipstick to wear in any situation that you get this lipstick, you won’t be disappointed I promise you as it suits everyone!

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