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So i’ve seen quite a few bloggers do this tag recently, and despite not being tagged myself I thought i’d do it anyway…

If you could have anyone in the world do your makeup, who would it be?

Lisa Eldridge, she’s awesome and her attention to detail really fascinates me, It would be amazing for her to do my makeup even if she just drew on my face with eyeliner…

What’s your top makeup tip?

I wouldn’t really call myself skilled enough to give many tips but I would probably say if you have a blue undertone under your eyes or just have generally dark under eyes then you should invest in an eye cream, pop that on first when you moisturise the rest of your skin, then apply a red/pink tone colour corrector, and finally apply your concealer over that. A concealer alone will never get rid of blueness as it is under the skin so a colour corrector if you have that problem is essential.

What one makeup item could you not live without?

Naturally being a teenager I have quite an uneven skin tone as well as a number of blemishes… So therefore I would say concealer. If i’m just dashing out quickly then I will simply apply concealer on to the worst areas of my face so that it still looks natural but better, giving me that small but crucial confidence boost to step outside.

What skincare item could you not live without?

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish hands down. I always go out spending fortunes on skincare to try and tame my face and the spots and blemishes it harbours but for some reason I always end up going back to using C&P. I have really sensitive skin so any spot battling products usually just irritate it even more, C&P though seems to act gently though and leaves the skin feeling super smooth! I recommend it to anyone!

What are you worst at when it comes to applying makeup?

WINGED EYELINER. Omg I take a minimum of 20 minutes to do my eyeliner perfectly. I have hooded eyelids which make it super hard for my eyes to look symmetrical as one is more hooded than the other. It’s super annoying because I love wearing winged eyeliner but I hardly ever do it anymore for the fear of it going wrong and ruining the rest of my makeup. I’m also so rubbish at contouring that I don’t even bother, I can do one side of my face but not the other for some reason…

What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to beauty?

I don’t really have a pet peeve as I think everyone is entitled to have their own style and if they like their own makeup then who am I to judge? I hate it though when people describe wearing makeup as ‘false advertising’ as if girls who wear makeup are products. It frustrates me so much when people assume that girls wear makeup to impress others when I believe most wear it to feel good and confident about themselves.

What’s your favourite makeup era?

Definitely the 60’s with Audrey Hepburn being the inspiration. I love the look of natural skin, cat eyes and rosy cheeks with nude lips, I often try and replicate the look myself.

What’s your guilty pleasure product?

Eyeshadow palettes.. I own quite a large selection of palettes with some I hardly ever use yet I already know of so many more that I want to get. I seriously have a problem. I have wanted the Urban Decay Gwen Stephanie palette as well as the Too Faced Semi-Sweet palette for the longest time however I am trying my hardest to refrain until I get some proper use out of all my current palettes..

What’s your underdog product?

Mac select cover-up concealer. Everyone raves about Mac pro-longwear concealer which I also have, I kind of feel sorry for the select cover-up.. I have been buying this concealer on repeat for years now, it is amazing.  I love it as it is so easy to apply and isn’t drying unlike the pro-longwear. When I can’t be asked to but on foundation I will just pop this concealer on my blemishes and areas of redness and i’m good to go. I thoroughly recommend this concealer if you have dry skin. The makeup on my nose always cakes as my skin is most dry there when using any other product on it. The select cover-up also gives a medium coverage so is sure to minimise the look of any imperfections when you are in a rush.

What was your favourite product of 2015?

I think I would have to say Benefit Roller Lash as this product literally changed my life. After 17 years of having stickmen for lashes this mascara came along and gave them a curl I have never seen my lashes to have before, on top of that the curl held for once. Unfortunately this product run out a little while ago and I haven’t found anything anywhere near as good since. My birthday is in 2 weeks though so maybe if I get lucky I may have curly, pretty looking lashes again 🙂

I’d love to see +Melissa – Lou do this tag!

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