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Hello there! Long time no writey? (That’s so not a thing but we’ll go with it.)
Today I am going to talk about the wonderful thing that is hair, specifically the type that is on your head. Here I have some tips for you if you want to grow your hair or if you simply want to have it feeling healthy and happy. If there is one thing above all, being makeup, style, skincare (etc), it is hair that I probably know the most about and can offer some quality advice on, so keep reading!

First of all Know Your ‘Hair Type’
This may sound really obvious to you but understanding your hair type is imperative if you want it to be healthy. Does your hair become greasy quickly after showering? Do moisturising shampoos tend to make your hair feel heavy? If so then, like me, you have oily hair. Is your hair brittle and prone to breakage? Does it look dull and limp? If you do then your hair is most likely dry. If you have neither of these things and lie somewhere in the middle then you have normal hair.

What Products To Use
In contrast to common belief you really do not need to use the world’s fanciest hair products to have healthy, shiny, silky looking hair, you simply should just use products that are suited to your hair type (which is why it is so important to know it). If you have oily hair, never use products which are advertised as ‘moisturising’, they will only make your hair greasier quicker. Instead use products which are either advertised saying ‘for oily hair’ if it is really oily or just a standard shampoo and a conditioner deigned to enhance another quality of your hair such as it being long, short, coloured, etc. I am currently using a fairly basic coconut shampoo and then Aussie’s conditioner for ‘long hair’ which really works for me! If you have dry or ‘lifeless’ hair that breaks easily then you will want to look for products advertised as either ‘repairing’ or ‘moisturising’. For normal hair you can pretty much use anything you like depending on if your hair is easily breakable or not.
However the products you use shouldn’t always be targeted towards whether you have oily or dry hair. For example if you get your hair coloured then you probably want to use products which are specifically designed to retain the colour as much as possible. My main advice though would be to purchase products that target your problem areas. The most problematic thing about my hair is that it gets greasy so quickly! However your main problem you have with your hair may be it being incredibly frizzy or curly, therefore you would want to purchase anti-frizz products. My last point would be that I don’t believe in the hair mask hype, they are expensive and are only worth it if your hair is incredibly damaged, therefore if your hair hasn’t been through too much trauma you are best to keep it simple.

Don’t Over-wash Your Hair
I can not express this enough. As gross as it may sound you really shouldn’t be washing your hair with shampoo let alone conditioner every day. Washing your hair that thoroughly every day will only wash out all of the natural oils in your hair that help maintain it and keep it healthy, and replace them with chemicals that will damage your hair over time. Alongside that point you don’t need to use conditioner every time you wash your hair with shampoo. Most conditioners are filled with chemicals that settle in your hair to give you the false impression that it is healthy when really it is damaging it slowly. If you wash your hair 3 times a week then only 1 of those times would I use conditioner. Your hair naturally cleanses and maintains itself, don’t defy that by using really harsh chemicals for a short term ‘fix’.

Heat Products
When drying your hair avoid blow-drying it as much as possible. I usually let my hair air dry until lightly damp and then go over it with my hair dryer for 2 minutes. If you are like me and can’t not blow dry your hair as otherwise it goes super frizzy then simply make sure you use a heat protectant and don’t dry it until it is absolutely bone dry, leave it so that it is the tiniest bit wet in places to avoid as much damage as possible.
If you are trying to grow your hair or your hair is damaged I strongly suggest that you only use styling products that use heat such as curling wands and straighteners to an absolute minimum. Either way these kind of styling products are never going to benefit your hair and at the end of the day will damage it and stunt its growth. So whatever hair you have it’s best not to use heat on your hair wherever and whenever you can. I would suggest that you only use these products for occasions such as going out clubbing or a gathering or family celebration. I am trying really hard to encourage my hair to grow, therefore I only style my hair using heat maybe 3 times a month.

Brushing Your Hair
Regardless of if brushing your hair turns you into Hagrid with regards to how frizzy it becomes, (to quote my very good friend, Ellie), you need to do it twice a day and no more. Oils in your hair are much more concentrated in the roots and therefore need to be brushed all the way through your hair to ensure that they are balanced and that each part of your hair, from root to bottom, is getting it’s natural supply of goodness. However, brushing it too much will lead to more breakage as it gets untangled. It is also important to use a good quality brush that doesn’t tear your hair out but is gentle. I personally use hair brushes from ‘The Wet Brush‘ and since I have started using them I can’t imagine using anything else. They’re better than anything I have ever used with regards to how it doesn’t tug and pull on strands of hair and how silky smooth it makes hair feel. I am a self-proclaimed ambassador of this brand as I never seem to stop preaching about them to my friends. Not only do the brushes perform better than anything I have tried before but they are also beautifully designed. Purchasing from their website or places like amazon or boots, you can choose from endless designs and colours, not to mention the brushes are light and not clunky. I am literally so thankful to The Wet Brush for creating this fantastic product. Waffling aside, the type of brush you use has a very strong correlation to the amount of breakage in your hair and how healthy it is.
(It’s worth mentioning that I haven’t been sponsored what so ever to write for their brand, I just love their brushes a ridiculous amount)

Little Things to Aid Gaining Healthy Hair
Other things you can do which encourage healthy hair is:

  • Try to sleep with your hair down. `if you can’t, tie it in a very loose ponytail or plait
  • Limit the amount of strain you put on your hair by not tying it up all the time
  • Don’t ‘twiddle’ your hair. What I mean is basically playing with the ends of it and wrapping it around your fingers, this leads to your hair breaking and falling out more frequently
  • Avoid bleaching your hair, if you really want to, leave a professional to do it as if done incorrectly this can ruin your hair for life.
  • Get your hair cut/trimmed every 3 months or so to stimulate growth and get rid of any split ends
  • If you like to colour your hair then try to avoid changing your hair colour for at least 6 months 
  • End your shower with cold water to close the ‘pores’ in your hair and shield it from damage. This also stimulates the blood circulation in your scalp, encouraging growth.
That’s it from me this blog post! If you follow my blog then you will know that I haven’t blogged for over 2 weeks. I do apologise for this but you will have to bare with me as I begin knuckling down with my revision for my A2 level exams which begin next month. I have always argued quality over quantity. I would much rather create and sustain a high standard with my blog than have loads of posts that I’m not passionate about and are rushed. I spend hours writing each blog post because I want to deliver my very best to you. I can’t promise that I will be blogging two times a week like I used to, but I can promise that each post will be of a high quality that I have spent a lot of time on like I always have. 
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