Our Trip To Dorset

It’s probably time to introduce someone very special in my life to you, my boyfriend, Harry. I’m always one to keep my personal life to myself and not really expose the ins and outs of it all over social media but this blog post is pretty much dedicated to him so you may as well know now!

So it’s Harry’s birthday this Sunday, and since I couldn’t plan anything for this weekend I decided to book a weekend away for last week. This was a complete surprise for him, he knew I had something planned but that was it. On the morning of Saturday 14th of May we embarked on our adventure.

Our first stop was Monkey World. If there’s one thing you ought to know about Harry it’s that he absolutely loves orangutans. It took two hours to drive from where I live in Surrey to Wareham, when we finally got out of the car and Harry realised where we were, his reaction was priceless! After spending hours in awe of all the monkeys we then got back in my car to drive forty minutes to the beautiful B&B I had booked in Weymouth called ‘Swallows Rest’. I knew I had booked a beautiful looking place but neither of us were prepared for such kind and attentive hospitality that we received from Keith and Jane during our stay.

Our room had a view of the stunning, world heritage site known as the jurassic coastline. We were incredibly lucky with the weather, blue skies every day and barely any wind. The B&B we stayed at was gorgeous in every way. If you love animals as much as Harry and I do then you would love Swallows Rest. They have lots of beautiful little chickens and ducks (among other rare breed birds) roaming around the garden, they use the fresh eggs they lay for their guest’s breakfasts as well- which may I just say are second to none, I honestly don’t think I have had a more perfectly poached egg in my life… We also made friends with the pigs Mildred and George, as well as Archie the sleepy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. On one of our strolls across the coastline that the B&B sits on we found the alpacas which weren’t as interested in us as the horses were, not that we were offended.

After we reluctantly left the B&B I drove us to Lulworth Cove, which is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in the UK. When we arrived it felt like we were in Croatia rather than England with the crystal clear waters and blue skies. When we left the cove we stopped off for lunch and some more exploring in the New Forest on our way home.

I wish we could have stayed for an eternity down in Dorset as it was so beautiful and such a wonderful weekend filled with lovely people (and animals). But both Harry and I have had to return to reality with him working full-time and me doing my A2 exams, without a doubt we will return though, it was too perfect of a place for us not to!

Here are some photos I took during our mini adventure:

 Swallows Rest 

Weymouth Beach

Lulworth Cove

Thank you so much to Keith and Jane for having us stay in your perfect place of paradise, we will be sure to book and come and stay with you again soon! If you are interested in booking a short get away yourself then here is a link to their website with all the information you need about booking with them!

Swallows Rest

Thank you for reading and I hope you like my new layout! 

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P.S I hope you enjoyed your birthday surprise weekend Harry, I constantly look forward to all the future adventures we embark on together x


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