My LVL Lashes Experience

6 weeks ago I got the infamous ‘LVL Lash Lift’ that pretty much every blogger and youtuber has been raving about since the beginning of 2016.  I have the straightest, most stubborn lashes you have ever seen, even mascaras as good as ‘Roller Lash’ by Benefit aren’t enough to give them a curl to last the day… As soon as the LVL Lash Lift became apparent to me I instantly began my research and a few weeks later got it done.

I got my lash lift done at my local salon which to be honest is more like a spa than a salon, it’s beautiful. The whole process took about 45 minutes. Which, if you are as impatient as I am, is pretty long, especially when you are just lying on a chair in a dark room on your own for most of the time. A lot of people might find that relaxing but I was more on edge trying not to fall asleep so that my beautician wouldn’t come in and find me snoring and drooling everywhere… – I don’t actually sleep like that , just saying.

The lash lift is supposedly meant to ‘lengthen, volumise, and lift’ your lashes, if I’m brutally honest all I really cared about is the lifting part of it as that’s the area my lashes really struggle in as you can see from the pictures below…

Here are my results, it’s worth mentioning that I got them tinted as well and I am not wearing any mascara in either of the images below.

As you can see, I really wasn’t kidding when I said I have the straightest lashes, they may as well curve down instead of up. I decided to put before and afters of both my eyes as they turned out quite different from each other.
In the bottom right photo you can see that I really did get results, my lashes looked elongated, curly and evenly spaced out. However, the photo above that of the other you can see my lashes look quite squiffy for lack of a better word… The lashes in the centre to inner third of my eye had curled up like crazy, the lashes on the outside barely had at all. I’m not sure if this was because of the lady who did it or because my natural eyelashes are just that rubbish. The lashes on that side had also crossed all over one another, going in all different directions rather than pointing up and outwards. I had another problem with my results that occurred on both eyes though so perhaps it was the lady that did its fault. My bottom lashes were ruined after being lifted up with the top lashes incorrectly, they had become ridiculously curly and when I put mascara on them it literally looked like I had baby spiders crawling out of my bottom lid. Only recently have I been able to start wearing mascara on my bottom eyelashes again as the lift has worn off. Once the lashes had ‘calmed down’ and settled they were more easy to manage in getting them to be how I wanted them to look but that still look about 2 weeks.

At the end of the day I simply believe I got a bit unlucky and that has swayed my opinion massively on whether I would get it done again. I paid £58 (128AUD, 84USD) for my lash lift and tint which is a lot I think considering it only lasted 6 weeks for me. At this moment in time, now that the lift has worn off, I think I am just going to stick to my eyelash curlers because I can’t afford that amount again for shabby, if not disappointing, results.

However, I am just one in a thousand girls that had a not-so-good experience, so don’t let me dissuade you if you really want to get it done! After all, the reason why I wanted to get it done was because I had read and watched so many amazing reviews!

Thank you for reading!
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