The Power of Makeup

The Power of Makeup

Today I am writing about a subject that I feel very strongly about. About a year ago NikkieTutorials posted a video called ‘The Power of Makeup’ where she spoke up about makeup shaming and how people are made to feel bad about themselves just because they love makeup. Since then literally thousands of youtubers have done similar videos, in agreement to the point she was making. Since I don’t do Youtube yet I am bringing the same concept to my blogging platform to tell you why I love wearing makeup.

Here is Nikki’s video if you haven’t already seen it:

So on a lazy Sunday afternoon I decided to do half my face full of makeup, featuring my typical ‘clubbing’/’glam’ look, and I left the other side completely bare with no makeup whatsoever. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty weirded out when I first saw the end result. However, at the same time I was oddly fascinated. Obviously everyone looks completely different when they have a full face of makeup on but when you do it yourself it’s an even more weird sensation.

Here is my result to show how ‘The Power of Makeup’ can change the way I look personally.

Although I wouldn’t step outside even my bedroom door looking how I do in the image above, I would leave my house with either look on my face, being me wearing a full face of makeup or none at all. The reason for that is I wear makeup for ME. Too many people assume that girls wear makeup to impress boys or because they are insecure and want to cover up their ‘flaws’. That’s not the case at all. I think you will find that most, if not all, girls (including me) wear makeup because they simply love it and they love how it makes them feel. Makeup can be incredibly empowering for women and it can make us feel even more confident. For example when I wear ‘Diva’ lipstick by Mac it definitely makes me feel as the name suggests.

Makeup, more and more each day I believe, is becoming/is an art form and that is what I love the most about it. The only difference here is that the canvas is your face and the makeup you use is your medium. In the makeup world, or in any world to be honest, there really is no better, more satisfying feeling than both eyebrows and eyeliner wings being even and ‘on fleek’.

The reason as to why I have posted the photo you see above is because I am confident in my skin and with who I am. Yes I have quite a few blemishes, acne scars and a horrifically purple undertone under my eyes that makes me constantly look tired, but the fact that someone might see this picture and be like ‘OMG she lks so freakin ugly without makeup #catfish’ means nothing to me. With or without makeup I am the same person, and if someone is willing to judge who I am just because of what I look  like, whether it’s bare faced or caked in makeup, they are not worth my or your time. I love doing my makeup but quite a lot recently I have either been too tired or too busy to do it, therefore I leave my house with no makeup. I still feel confident about myself though because I know that I am my biggest critic and although I may get frustrated when I get spots as big as The Alps, no one else is going to care about them and therefore why should I let that make myself feel insecure? I’m not going to deny that sometimes I wear makeup to make myself feel better about my skin and even more confident, but that is very very different from having people assume you are just wearing makeup because you ‘don’t love yourself’.

It’s incredibly sad that girls in this day and age feel like they have to justify why they wear makeup to people that shame them. Makeup shaming isn’t ok and yet people throw insults around like ‘fake’ and ‘catfish’ thinking they will cause no harm, its no better really than calling someone ‘fat’ or ‘anorexic’. It’s almost funny when people say ‘you look so different with makeup’ – I didn’t spend £40 on a single foundation, and then take an hour to apply my makeup to look the same!

At the end of the day girls wear makeup for themselves and no one else. I’ve seen so many gifs and images of quotes like ‘I don’t own 78 Mac lipsticks for my boy to be able to tell the difference between Ruby Woo and Russian Red’, and every single one of them is incredibly relatable and true.

So if you are reading this and love doing your makeup for the way it makes you feel then go on girl, you slay that eyeliner, get that glow on and do whatever makes you happy and feel confident because that is all that matters.

As always, thank you so much for reading! Comment down below what you love most about makeup as I’d love to know!

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