Anastasia Beverly Hills’ | Modern Renaissance Palette Review

I have been meaning to do this review for the longest time. However, I knew I wanted to give it a few months before giving my final verdict on this palette. I received this as a surprise package on my doorstep from my wonderful boyfriend, Harry, back in the beginning of June – he clearly saw my endless tweets about the palette during its release and took the hint very well! It’s been 4 months now since I obtained this beauty and I finally feel that I am ready to give my honest opinion on this eyeshadow palette.


Let’s begin with the packaging. Incase you can’t tell from the pictures, the packaging of the palette itself is actually velvet. Now, I know what your thinking, surely eyeshadow and velvet is pretty lethal combination right? Well, touch wood, I haven’t actually got a single smudge on mine despite using it to death. If you take care of your palette properly and store it in the cardboard packaging that it comes with like I do, then it will keep it looking brand spanking new I assure you. Put practicality aside though and you have yourself the most beautifully designed eyeshadow palette I have ever seen. The dusty pink colour accompanied by the intricate rose gold indentation of the ABH name and logo makes the palette look a million dollars and can only prepare you for what’s inside…


The colours themselves are STUNNING. I have never experienced such pigmented, creamy eyeshadows in my life. Pigmented red toned eyeshadows are some of the hardest to manufacture, making this palette all the more impressive. Some people argue that the colours in this palette are ‘summery’, I personally believe they are more autumnal given the warm tones in the palette seem to replicate the changing colours of the leaves.

I use pretty much every single one of the 14 eyeshadows that are in the palette. Although, I don’t tend to find myself reaching for Antique Bronze and Cyprus Umber that often simply because they don’t compliment my eye colour as much as the other shadows do. I am definitely a warm-toned eyeshadow look kinda girl, so this palette suites me down to a tee. I tend to use this palette more so for going out and special occasions rather than for everyday use simply because I don’t want it to ever run out!

The eyeshadows are incredibly blendable, made even easier by the brush that it comes with which is equally as amazing as the shadows themselves. Anastasia Beverly Hills is famous for creating brushes to accompany each palette that you really shouldn’t even think about throwing away because it will probably be one of the best brushes you’ll ever use. There really isn’t anything bad I have to say about this palette, there isn’t a single shadow that lets it down. I have seen so many beautiful looks created with this palette which proves its versatility. My favourite shadows in the palette are ‘Raw Sienna’, ‘Vermeer’, ‘Red Ochre’, ‘Love Letter’ and ‘Realgar’.
To conclude I absolutely love this palette and cannot fault it in the slightest. It is beautiful through and through. It isn’t cheap by any means, however you certainly get what you pay for with this palette and I can’t wait to add more Anastasia Beverly Hills’ products to my collection.
To create the look I have shown in this post I swept ‘Golden Ochre’ all over my lid and up towards the brow bone, then ‘burnt orange in the crease for a transition shade, I then applied ‘Red Ochre’ to darken up the crease, followed by ‘Venetian Red’ in the outer corner of my eye, blended up into the crease, I then used ‘Primavera’ on the centre of my lid and ‘Vermeer’ on the inner corner, I finished up the look by finally applying ‘Love letter’ all across the lower lash line.

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