Our Weekend in The Forest of Dean…

‘The Forest of Dean’… Sounds enchanting right? Kind of like something out of Star Wars or Merlin? Well perhaps that’s because it is. Confused? I thought you might be, let me explain…

Within The Forest of Dean is this magical, unreal, fictional looking place called Puzzlewood where they filmed famous films such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens and series such as Merlin and Doctor Who. Remember the Weeping Angels you had nightmares about for a week after they made an appearance in Doctor Who? They were filmed there during Matt Smiths first and last episode on the program. So you can probably understand why Harry and I wanted to visit such a place, not to mention my brother, George, and his girlfriend, Melissa, having dazzling reviews about the place having visited earlier this year.

On the 11th of November 2016 our weekend away begun. This wasn’t just a random weekend getaway, it was for mine and Harry’s anniversary of the day we met so we wanted to make it a special one.

We stayed in a beautiful luxury Grade || Elizabethan, timber-framed B&B house called Lower Wythall. Situated in Ross-On-Wye the B&B looks out onto the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. As soon as we were greeted by our wonderfully friendly and welcoming hosts Sheila and Guy I knew I’d picked the right place for our stay.

The first room we were shown when we walked in was the Breakfast Room. Beautifully decorated with mismatching furniture, framed artwork of the countryside and huge patterned rugs. The room is filled with character and is one of the oldest parts of the house, documented by tell-tale signs of age and past inhabitants.

The next room Sheila showed us on our breathtaking tour of the house was the sitting room. I think this may have been my favourite room of all actually. Two large patterned sofas invite guests to come and put their feet up after a long day of adventure while sipping on some of either Sheila’s heavenly hot chocolate or comforting cup of tea. A piano also decorates the room and reflects the stoves flames with its’ black, glossy finish. The stove is probably the most eye-catching part of the room and will make you question whether you should invest in one yourself. My favourite night spent in Ross was when Harry and I just sat and watched the fire while playing Monopoly and sipping hot chocolate.

Finally, we were shown up the Georgian staircase to our room. The beds are some of the comfiest I have ever slept on thanks to the hypnos mattress and Egyptian white cotton bed linen, not to mention that it only gets better when you wake up and are welcomed by a state of the art shower…


All of the bathrooms in each of the rooms are immensely luxurious however this one is my favourite and when we return we hope to be able to have this room!

I fully encourage and recommend to any couple who wants a short get away to the countryside to stay here. The hospitality is as flawless as the beautiful building itself. I assure you that you will consider it a home away from home wherever you come from, that is how welcoming it is. Guy and Sheila did a tremendous job at making us feel welcome and if we ever needed anything we could always ask. It is also worth mentioning that Sheila is a GLORIOUS baker and will deliver homemade treats to your bedroom as well as cake whenever you feel the need to divulge into something sweet. The breakfast in the morning is also divine, featuring a full english or whatever else your heart desires pretty much, I genuinely don’t know how they do it!

Moving onto what we did in our free time… The first night we arrived we couldn’t do much due to it now getting dark at around 4:30 so we just decided to go to a cute pub called the Butchers Arms for drinks and some good food.  The pub was quaint and lit by fairy lights and a roaring stove fire.

The next day, after feasting ourselves on Lower Wythall’s gorgeous breakfast, we ventured to Puzzlewood. It was just as magical and beautiful as I had imagined and really is a ‘must see’! I am just going to let the photos I took do the talking here because words can’t do it justice.

After we visited puzzlewood we ventured to a place called Symonds Yat which is a village in Wye Valley. We drove to a viewpoint which gives you panoramic views over the whole of Wye Valley which was honestly breathtaking.

By the time we had finished appreciating the beautiful scenery we were pretty peckish. We stopped off at this cosy little tea place and hotel called The Tudor Farmhouse and treated ourselves to the best scones I have ever had, teacakes and hot chocolate. I am not joking though, you have to try these scones!

After we had filled ourselves up on scones we decided to make our way back to the B&B to cosy up by the fire and play board games. We treated ourselves to a Thai takeaway that night simply because we loved the homely vibe of the B&B so much that we didn’t want to leave it!
The next day we had to leave relatively early to make it back home in time for a family meal, but here are a few extra photos I took of the breathtaking scenery that makes The Forest of Dean the perfect countryside getaway.

Thank you so much for reading, Harry and I both had the most special weekend and really hope you look into staying in The Forest of Dean!

I’d like to finish this post by saying a special thank you to Guy and Sheila who gave us the most pleasant stay and experience at their B&B. We will definitely be returning next year, especially for the hot chocolate and scrambled egg!

If you would like to look into staying at their B&B, Lower Wythall then click the link here to view their website.

Thanks again,
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  1. November 29, 2016 / 1:11 pm

    I have so much to say about this post! Your photos are beyond gorgeous – seriously, teach me your ways?! Also, you are absolutely stunning! And this place looks beautiful! I would definitely love to go there.

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