Sigma Brushes: Worth The Hype?

If you are at all into makeup and/or Youtube whenever you hear the word ‘Sigma’ you will more than likely think ‘makeup brushes’, and for good reason. Although Sigma also sell makeup itself, it’s their brushes that really steal the limelight! ‘Innovative beauty’ is their motto and I genuinely can’t think of a better way to describe their brand.

‘We strive for exceptional quality, innovative function, and excellence in customer service. Sigma Beauty utilizes science and engineering to constantly challenge the beauty industry status quo and present our clients with state of the art products’
I managed to get my hands on some Sigma brushes for Christmas and I haven’t put them down since. Their eye shadow brushes give a seamless blend, the famous Duo-Fibre F50, stippling brush ensures your foundation to look flawless, the F30, large powder brush will glide your powder on without making your makeup look cakey in any way what so ever. These brushes have not only upped my makeup game but made the process more enjoyable.
My favourite brushes from the set are probably the Duo-Fibre F50 stippling brush, the E40 Tapered Blending brush and the E55 Eye Shading Brush, simply because they have improved my makeup application the most out of all the brushes.
At a glance these brushes may seem to be very expensive. I got the Essentials Kit which features 12 brushes and currently retails on Cult Beauty for £128 which works out at £10.68 per brush. That’s actually a bloody good deal in my eyes considering their individual brushes retail for much more per brush! Each brush is created using synthetic fibres and wooden handle coated with 8 layers of paint, not to mention Sigma claims they create their brushes to last a life time. Not to mention if you are a blogger they also make a great prop for flat lays 😉
All in all I am chuffed to bits with these brushes and would recommend them to anyone! If you want to have a gander at Sigmas brushes on the cult beauty then click here.
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