Step Into Spring/Summer With Me

It can be difficult in England with regards to finding the right thing to wear for each season. Mainly because there aren’t really seasons in England, you never know what you’re going to get…
Which is why I have put together this outfit for Spring/Summer time. It’s warm enough to combat city wind caused by the skyscrapers but cool enough so that if the sun actually does come out, you’re not going to be sweating droplets…

The Jacket

The Denim Jacket I’m wearing is from Topshop. I have been on the hunt for the perfect one for at least a year now and have finally found the one I have been looking for. I used to think I wanted an oversized one but soon realised that they made me look even shorter than I am already and just not very flattering at all. I then found this cropped jacket, it’s in a boyfriend fit and I got a size up from my usual size because I still wanted that slight oversized look. I love it! It’s very comfortable and goes with most of my wardrobe so I am sure going to get a lot of wear out of it over the next few months! The jacket is also a nice thickness that shields you from the wind but isn’t too warm and cosy that you get too hot in it either.

The Top

Underneath the denim jacket I am wearing a chiffon, peplum top from Primark, which I have tucked into the trousers. You can grab tops like these from most high-street stores like H&M and New Look but I like this one in particular because the sleeves are slightly longer than your average t-shirt which is generally more flattering in my opinion.

The Trousers

Now onto the main star of the show… these Trousers have gotten sooo much attention I’m a bit overwhelmed if I’m honest. I’ve had total strangers stop me in the street and ask me where they are from, that’s how popular they have been haha. It’s funny as well because they were one of those purchases where I wasn’t sure if they suited me or whether other people would hate them and think they looked awful on me or like I was trying to hard, but I loved them from the moment I saw them in New Look and have been wearing them ever since none the less. The vertical stripes elongate your legs and make you look taller, while the tie belt sinches in your waist giving you not only a more defined waistline but a bit of a booty too! I know! Godly trousers am I right? The material is super comfortable and not too thick so you won’t bake in it either. It’s also breathable and the kind of material that just doesn’t crease and washes super easy – because that is a big part of me when it comes to deciding whether or not to purchase an item of clothing… #adulting …  New Look is slaying the style game at the moment with it’s affordable yet on trend pieces like these trousers, I am absolutely loving it!

The Shoes

Finally, I have paired my outfit with some Chanel Espadrille Dupes that are absolutely gorgeous. The go with pretty much everything and haven’t given me any nasty blisters after walking around in them all day! I got mine in a size 5, I’m usually between a 4-5 but these fitted perfectly, the leather has stretched a little bit but they still remain super comfortable and keep my foot secure. I thoroughly recommend these shoes for spring/summer time as I haven’t been able to stop wearing them!


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Thank you so much for reading,

Rhaea x


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    Ahhh Thanks so much beautiful!

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