New Beginnings

I have been pretty elusive on, not only my blog, but all social media in general lately. I’ve been posting here and there but nothing consistent. In the past few weeks a hell of a lot has changed and I’m still adjusting to it.
To a lot of people, change is exciting but to some, like myself it can be daunting and finding your feet can be very difficult. I think this must have something to do with the fact that I moved around a lot of different primary schools and would’ve changed secondary schools if I could, I moved around colleges as well, and university? …well that didn’t last did it. For someone that doesn’t like change I tend to attract it a lot. I don’t fear change at all, it simply just makes me feel uncomfortable and very anxious. I embrace the sense that change can open doors to opportunities that were unknown to you before but that doesn’t mean I enjoy it at first all the time.
In the past six weeks or so I have started my career and moved out into an apartment with Harry. The new job is something I am actually really enjoying, I’m still learning but it’s a fantastic company to work for and I’m so excited to see where things go. Incase you were wondering where I work, I work for Vodafone HQ as well as studying for a degree in technology under their apprenticeship scheme which I fully recommend. You earn a full degree that is paid for by Vodafone while working on the job and getting the experience you need at the same time, not to mention the competitive salary. I will have a post in more detail about comparing my experiences at both uni and being an apprentice because understandably apprenticeships aren’t for everyone just like uni isn’t and I feel my experience could be really helpful to others. However, please don’t come at me all guns blazing because you didn’t get signal on Mount Everest!!! I’m very open to talking about my job so any questions as to how I got into it or just anything at all, feel free to message me!  
The other big change for me is of course moving out, or more so moving in I should say. This is something which I have found a lot more difficult and something I think I will grow to feel better about over time. I desperately miss my animals and the house I used to live in, that I now have to describe as my parent’s house. I miss the beautiful garden and how despite the house being old (15th century to be exact), it has a sense of life and character that this new-build, uniform apartment just doesn’t have. Of course I knew I would miss all this but it was for the best that I left home. Don’t get me wrong, I love our place to bits, but after growing up in a generously sized house with beautiful gardens this was always going to be a culture shock to me. It also needs a few more additions to make it feel less clinical and more like a home, we still need to properly put our stamp this place I feel. I think me being someone that struggles to feel comfortable in any setting apart from my old bedroom, no matter where we moved to I would have felt like this. And it’s sad because I want to be just as happy and excited about it as Harry is but my anxiety plagues me in this instance. I don’t want this to come across as if I regret moving out because I most certainly don’t, I just wanted to be honest that moving out can be bittersweet sometimes. I go through phases of feeling happier than ever that we live where we do but then I go through phases where I wish my old home was just 10 minutes away and I could go back for a cuddle with the puppy and the cats whenever I wanted. It might sound naff to you but I have always felt more connected to animals than I do to people. I have steadily felt more relaxed and have started to sleep better in the new place thankfully, I just can’t wait until payday where we can buy all the little bits and pieces that truly turn a house into a home. What homeware shops are your favourite? Shopping for homeware is probably my favourite thing to spend my money on at the moment so let me know!!! 
Have you ever had these kinds of bittersweet feelings when you moved out? I sometimes get worked up that I’m the only one that’s ever felt like this, but then I remind myself that that cant be true. Please get in touch if you have felt these kinds of feelings of apprehension and anxiety after moving out despite being incredibly happy and excited at the same time. I know I’m not alone in this. 

 I hope you enjoyed this post. I plan on making these little updates of what’s going on in my life a little series so make sure you’re following to keep updated! I’ll also be doing an apartment tour once the place is where I want it to be so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel RhaeaVlogs to stay in the know and be the first to see it when it goes live!

 ONE MORE THING: If you’re an artist then I would LOVE to see you’re work! I want to fill the apartment with non-mainstream artist’s works and give them the recognition they deserve, so please leave a link to you’re work in the comments below and I’ll be sure to check it out!
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  1. November 16, 2017 / 8:18 am

    I moved out a year ago into a flat with my boyfriend (also Harry haha), we’re moving into our second flat in a few weeks. Believe me I know what you mean about the anxiety. I was so excited to move out and I knew I wanted to do it and I was excited but as soon as it actually happened and I was in the new flat, I felt super worried all the time and I did want to go home. I never thought it would be a feeling I’d experience but I think that the huge change in lifestyle, the sudden responsibility and just a new place in general made me feel anxious. It does get better though, once you settle in and make your flat your home you will start to feel more comfortable. The biggest worry was the responsibility, but once you get used to paying the bills and such you won’t worry so much! We used to turn off all the switches every night in fear our electricity bill would be too high for us to pay lol. You’ll figure it out and before you know it you’ll be looking for your next home and you’ll miss the one you’re in now, the time flies by 🙂

  2. November 29, 2017 / 8:30 pm

    Hey! aha no way your boyfriend is also called Harry – they're alright aren't they? aha. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that feels this way! part of me feels guilty for not being as excited and happy as Harry. I hope it gets better soon, it's already just helped a bit knowing that I'm not alone. I know what you mean about the switches.. we are still yet to turn on the heating!!! Aha that's true! I doubt we'll be here more than a year but I'm sure we'll miss it seeing as it's our first place. Thanks so much for your comment Eleanor and I'm so sorry for the late reply! xxx

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