7 Ways I’m Going To Break The Routine

 I have been working full-time, 5 days a week in a corporate office for over almost 4 months now and already I can feel the routine and monotony of ‘everyday life’ creeping in on me. I’m not someone who likes routine at all, I don’t know why, it just makes me feel bored and unmotivated, whereas for a lot of other people they thrive off routine. This could be due to my ADD but regardless the whole getting up at 6:30am, getting home at 6pm, cooking dinner, watching a ‘Peaky Blinders’ episode or two, having a shower and going to bed thing can make me feel incredibly down and bored. I’ve decided that I want to do something about that and hope that in turn it will redefine my motivations and I will start feeling a lot happier and confident in myself, having struggled with my anxiety a lot more since moving out (you can read more about this in my ‘New Beginnings’ post). So without further ado, here’s how I’m breaking the routine:

Have more baths.
Yes, you read that right – have more baths. We have a lovely bath in our new place and I haven’t even used it once, I even have lush bath bombs and everything! I know! What’s wrong with me?! But I think I’ve forgotten how relaxing baths can actually be and how cleansing they can be for your mind. I often forget to give myself ‘me time’ as I’m so focused on everyone else, I want to try and be kinder to myself and know that as soon as my toes dip beneath the surface of that butter bear bath I can relax and turn off from the rest of the world until I’m as wrinkly as a raisin…

Get my nails done more.
I have only ever had my nails done a handful of times, however for what seems like forever I have wanted to be the girl who has nice nails 24/7. I mean having a horse to look after and playing guitar don’t really combine well with nice nails but I want to make more of an effort, as even though it would make the smallest of difference visually, the biggest difference is on the inside where my self-confidence lays.



Make my apartment more of a home.
I want to invest in pieces that make my place feel more like a home and my own cozy lil pad. I’ve struggled getting acquainted to this place and I feel part of the reason for that is because we are missing a lot of the little pieces that really put our stamp on the place. The biggest reason for this though is so that when I am having one of those days where I feel unmotivated and trapped in a routine, I can be inspired by things that are around me and feel more of attachment to where I live.

Have friends and family around more.
I feel this is the perfect thing to do to break the routine. Unfortunately a lot of my friends are at uni or in another country right now so that has been put on the back burner, however Im working on organising more events round our apartment so hopefully we will have more guests very soon!



Dedicate at least one evening a week to an activity.
Although Harry and I live together, you’d be surprised at the amount of ‘quality time’ we actually get to spend together. My energy levels have taken a turn recently and as soon as I get home from work I just want to sleep so I don’t wake up exhausted for work the next day, even though I always do. We used to have a ‘date night’ thing as well as a ‘no phones after 10pm’ thing as well but both seemingly just stopped happening a while ago. I want to reintroduce this and make sure that at least one evening in the week we go to the pub for drinks or go to the cinema or something. You don’t even need a boyfriend to do this, just introducing an activity like starting yoga on a Wednesday night can help you break out of feeling like you’re in a slump

PROPERLY work out at the gym.
I put that in caps because man does it need to be… I do have a gym membership and I do go but I’m always doing the same thing and not really trying very hard, hence why I don’t think it makes any difference to the way my body looks. That’s why this week I’ve booked into a HIIT class as well as a spin class. I LOVE spinning – I’m probably the only one that does but hey whatever, we’ve already established I’m a bit weird so who cares? I can’t wait to go to the classes this week, fingers crossed I enjoy them! I’ve realised that I’m finally going to the gym for the right reasons, for my mental health and physical wellbeing rather than the way I look, and I’m so excited to see what a difference it makes.



Find a new hobby.
I am desperately in search of a new hobby in my area! I really want to start doing yoga or pole dancing, not only will this be a great way for me to meet more people but it will also keep me fit (hopefully). I also want to start reading more books as a hobby as I feel this is an amazing way to escape any situation and truly immerse yourself in your own imagination.

So those are my 7 ways I plan to break my routine! I really hope you find them helpful and if you have any other ideas that you find help you break your routine then please comment them down below!

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