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I haven’t been blogging for a while now.

The reason for that is because I’m just not motivated at all to right about the skin care product I’m loving at the moment or the summer essentials you need to buy. As a 20 year-old woman I’ve had more than my fair share of experiences that have meant that I have had to grow up quickly or change my outlook on life as a whole, why not share those?

The clothes I wear and the products I buy, much like everyone else, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes down to the person that I really am. And when I think about it I ask myself why I never choose to share the things that lie beneath the surface?


Is it because I’m worried old people from school will read it and judge me?


Is it because most of who I am was created through negative reinforcement and experiences from my past that I’d rather not re-visit?


Is it because I’d rather show the highlight reel of my life just like everyone else rather than the good the bad and the ugly?


I don’t know, probably a combination of all the above and more. 


Either way, I’m done writing about things that, although I love them, I don’t deep down really care about. The blogs that I read now aren’t the ones that are the most glam, they are the ones with the most honest, raw content and chat about real life experiences. I want to do that.


The things I plan to write about will be a picture of light hearted anecdotes and lessons learned, as well as serious posts about topics that aren’t spoken about enough on here. I want to talk about the battles I’ve overcome that so many people go through. I also want to talk about the things that fascinate me such as the butterfly effect and space. I will still do the odd fashion and beauty post but most of what I write will be lifestyle, advice and a little bit of travel.


If this is a blog that would interest you then make sure to follow me on Bloglovin’ and other platforms like Instagram and Twitter (@rhaea_) to be the first to know.


I hope you’ll still take the time to read my blog, I just wanted to do this introductory post before all of a sudden I hit you with the most deep post ever pah.


Anyway, think that’s enough ramble from me,


ta ta for now.





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