About Me


I’m Rhaea. Pronounced ‘Ray-ah’ not Rhea, Rhaea.

I am a 19 year-old, Technology Degree Apprentice for a Telecoms Company – It’s not as boring as it sounds trust me.

I live just outside of London in my apartment, in Berkshire, with my boyfriend, Harry.

I started my blog in August 2015 after needing to find an escape from all the stones life was throwing at me at the time, whether it be the bullies at school, the ending of my relationship or the exams that I was failing. Two and a half years later, I now blog for the sheer pleasure of it, and the fact that I still see it as a form of escapism when I’m stressed or feeling anxious.

On my blog you’ll find me talk about pretty much everything whether it be Travel, Style, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Advice, Health and Fitness, the list goes on.

Very occasionally you will read a post where I have either been gifted a product to write about or have been paid to include certain content, however on all opinions are my own and I would never talk about a product or service that I didn’t love.

I also include affiliate links in some of my posts, this does not make you as the consumer pay more, it simply means that if you make a purchase through using that link then I will earn a very small amount of commission for showing you said product.

I hope you enjoy my blog, if you do then feel free to come and say hi on Twitter (@rhaea_) or Instagram (@rhaea_)